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Boost Your Self-Worth in 30-days

An audio course, exclusive to Insight Timer

Would you like to truly and deeply believe that you are worthy of all the good things that life has to offer? Health, happiness, love, success and everyday joys.

During this 30-day audio course, you will receive a different daily affirmation to work with in order to help you shift any beliefs that are holding you back, allow you to transcend your upper limits, and start to know your true worth.

This is a simple course that is easy to absorb and has been designed to help you form new, positive beliefs using 22 daily affirmation practices, as well as journalling, self-reflection and a unique process to override your old, limiting beliefs.

During every lesson you will be encouraged to free-write or journal about your experiences in order to remember them clearly and help you to gain a deeper awareness of your innermost workings.

Allow yourself to break free from your limiting beliefs, create new, lasting beliefs that will align your with your desires, and feel deeply worthy in all aspects of life.

This course is available exclusively on Insight Timer Premium along with many other amazing features, for $5US per month. Find out more.