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I’m about loving life with every ounce of your soul, and searching for things to be grateful for, even when life gets hard, scary or  reaches a dreaded plateau.

Where you are right now, is not who your are...
I'm more interested in where you're headed...  

Big goals, yes.

Epic healing, yes.

Monumental plans for the future, why the hell not!?


I'll be honest with you - love self - help!

Self-help isn’t just the back corner of your local bookstore. Self-help is how you bring about change, for yourself. It’s how you learn who you truly are, uncover what truly matters to you, and decide which beliefs and habits you can leave behind for good – in order to become the person you were meant to be.


But “self-help” sounds a bit done, right? So instead of assisting you with your self-help journey, I'm here to help you...

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I’m not fixed to one particular technique or modality 

 I advocate using every resource available to you. They all have their merit, so I encourage you to forge your own path, dig for gold in your own way, building your intuition and inner resources as you go.

My purpose is to help you to gain access to more...
more intuitive guidance, more joy, more prosperity and more goodness out of every moment.

And the best this about striving for more, is that there’s always more to strive for. There’s always more to learn, heal, experience, do and enjoy.
There’s always more gold to be found, if you just keep digging.

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Ideas I stand by…

+ Do what works for you, forget the rest.

+ Let go of crap you don’t need… like old beliefs, fears, and old clothes that you never wear.

+ Trust yourself. You hold limitless wisdom within you.

+ Let love rule every choice you make.

+ Do things that light you up and nurture your spirit.

+ The path to freedom is sometimes counter-intuitive. Stay open to trying something different to achieve your goals.

+ YOU get to decide what spiritual connection looks and feels like to you.

+ Live in the present, there’s some pretty cool shit going on here!


I grew up in the city, but now I live in a wild tropical wonderland. It’s peaceful, serene and totally weird.
You can take the girl out of the city… and all that. 12 years ago, I had problems. Drinking problems, anxiety problems, insomnia problems, approval-seeking problems, self-worth problems and daily-grind problems.

Being a go-getter and a problem solver, I got to work trying to fix myself. I read every book on anxiety that I could get my hands on, I had sessions with the most expensive psychs and coaches around, and I took tons of medication.

Not only was I not getting better, my anxiety was spiralling out of control. Anxiety ruled my life.

Then, one day I dragged my butt to a meditation class and anxiously cried and trembled through it.

Then, that night I slept. The next week I went back again and I started to improve dramatically, day by day, life got easier. Meditation built the foundations of my healing journey. On top of that solid foundation, I added a perfect mix of spiritual healing, mindfulness therapy and self-help galore! I’m happy to say that I am now completely recovered from anxiety. Watch my recovery story here (it’s a long one!)

My experience with these incredible therapies was so life-changing that my heart lead to become a therapist myself. I had previously tried so many things that just did-not-work when it came to calming anxiety, reducing stress or healing old wounds, that when I finally found some modalities that actually WORKED, I knew that I had to learn as much as I could about them.

In 2006 I became a certified spiritual healer, training in energy balancing, inner child work, forgiveness, angelic wisdom, past life healing and shadow side therapy. Then in 2009, I completed my training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) a mindfulness-based technique, which helped me with my rapid recovery from anxiety.

I left my corporate grind as a career counsellor to follow my dream of helping others like me. I knew in my heart that my calling was to create self-help resources and to offer a blend of practical and spiritual wisdom in a way that was easy to understand and apply to everyday life. 

Since then I’ve written a bunch of books, including a REAL, paper one, I’ve created over 50 free meditations on my YouTube channel and released 6 meditation albums and am lucky enough to be supported on Patreon to create 1 new release each month. I’ve worked with countless clients to heal a wide range of issues, from anxiety to infertility… from insomnia to chronic disappointment… from financial stress to family dysfunction.

I feel so blessed that I get to make resources that truly change people’s lives and make “self-help” easier and cooler than ever.

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My little girl is 5 and she’s a fireball of fun, creative energy and endless love.

I live on a rainforest mountaintop near the Gold Coast, in Queensland Australia. Sometimes I run local events like meditation groups, spiritual workshops and personalised healing sessions, but usually my offerings are 100% online.

I’m a stationery freak, a pen snob and a notebook hoarder.

I do NOT like being told what to do. You’ll get used to it. Sometimes I refer to myself as queen rebel, because I like to forge my own path, rather than follow what others say I should do. I conduct lots of experiments and figure out my own version of right and wrong, and I encourage you to do the same.

I do the woo-woo thing, and I’m proud to admit it!… but I’m also completely grounded and connected to the real-world.

I have a slight obsession with playlists and music videos.

Some days I pack up my car and go on adventures, and other days I stay at home and bake sweets and read books.

Some days I turn the music up way too loud, and I fall in love with cluttered markets and city streets and… all of the time, I let my heart take the wheel.