Hello to my therapist & wellness pro friends.

Thank-you for following my work and for being a part of my journey.

If you're already sharing my ACT, meditation, personal development and spirituality stuff with your clients, patient, participants, readers or audience, then thank-you!!! I love creating resources that touch and help as many people as possible. 

I believe in offering a lot of really helpful stuff for free to help people who really need it. I know that when I was suffering with severe anxiety attacks, being able to access meditations for free on YouTube would have massively sped up my recovery!

Here's 5 resources that you can refer you clients to...

1) The 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge

If you have a client that wants to implement a new daily habit, then the free 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge can help get them started. Every day they'll receive a 5-10 minute mindfulness exercise to listen to and practice. Send your clients here to sign up. 

2) The Anxiety Meditation Playlist

My YouTube channel is loaded full of free resources, but it can be difficult to know where to start. I have formed some playlists to help people specifically find what they're looking for.

The Anxiety Meditation Playlist runs for an hour and is designed to support anxiety sufferers to better manager their thoughts and symptoms when in the height of a panic.

3) The Bad-Habit-Breaker Playlist

This playlist is based on the "Meditations To Overcome Bad Habits" Album which supports people as they manage urges and kick old habits. The Bad-Habit-Breaker Playlist runs for 45 minutes and will guide the listener to make more meaningful choices.

4) My Blog

This is a free source of real-life stories, self-help resources and both practical and spiritual wisdom. Refer your clients to my blog to offer them a wide range of useful and application content to rummage through.

5) The Distraction Hacker E-Book

Now this one isn't free but it only costs a few dollars. The aim of the book is to help the reader to overcome tech addiction/overuse, in particular, smartphone use. Distraction Hacker first encourages the reader to become aware of their own habits and, at every step of the way, presents the opportunity for values-guided action. The reader will learn how to make lasting changes to their tech-habits, carry out a digital detox and how to create their own interventions to stop unhelpful notification checking and time wasting.

At $2.99, Distraction Hacker is an affordable resource. The book also give the reader free access to worksheets, checklists and other resources to guarantee their success.


I'm so grateful to have connected with you and to touch and heal the lives of your clients.

Thankyou of this opportunity! Sign up below to find out about new releases.


Got a question? Send me an email: hello@naomigoodlet.com

Also I thought you might enjoy this 10 second clip from my favourite TV show, Community.