Find out what your soul wants to you to know.

A Soul Reading is a divine download of soul-to-soul communication to offer you guidance on wellbeing, health, big decisions, love, career, energy, or just about anything.

I connect to your soul and find out exactly what it wants you to know and take action on right now. 

Your soul reading will give you an insight of how to gain clarity if you're feeling stuck, fast-track your healing and feel confident about your decisions, so that you can make your next move with confidence. 


Be prepared for your soul reading to pack some tough love...but to tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Your reading might shed some light on something that you’ve been avoiding, which now needs your attention and cannot be ignored, or it might tell you that it’s time to give up an unhelpful habit that you’ve been reluctant to kick. 

If you’re ready to make some BIG changes and face the truth about what you need to move forward then a Soul Reading is for you!

If you’re unsure about which of my offerings to start with, start here.

Your reading will guide you confidently towards your next step on your journey so that you can feel certain about your choices without fear of wasting time or money by heading in the wrong direction.


Uncover what is hidden and bring it into the light.

Your soul knows what is best for you, and maybe has been sending you some subtle hints or nudges in the right direction... 

But sometimes these well-meaning hints are confusing, scary or down-right uncomfortable. 

A Soul Reading will help you to interpret all the signs that you've been feeling and seeing around you and help you to decide on a clear path forward. 


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how does it work?

All I need is your name and I’ll connect with you on a soul-level to access your deepest guidance and wisdom. That's my gift!

I don’t usually take questions on specifics, I simply complete your reading within 7 days of you making a purchase and I’ll email you all the details once it's done.

Soul Reading e-mails will be sent to your paypal email address.