Bad habits aren't just things that you DO... Like smoking, overeating or nagging your partner. The worst habits are usually the ones where you *avoid* doing something good for yourself like... Exercising, relaxing, self care and personal development. I made this album to help you create change whether your bad habits are things that you DO or things that you DON'T DO. These techniques help me all day long to make, healthier, better decisions and look after myself the way that I truly want to! #MeditationsToOvercomeBadHabits is available during June for the intro price of $14 in my web shop (usually $24) What bad habits do you struggle with?


This album will support you on your on your quest to overcome one or many unhelpful or unhealthy habits once and for all.

Track listing: 

1) Ideal Self Meditation - 9:07

2) Urge Surfing - Short Version - 11:45

3) Stay On Track Meditation - 6:50

4) Expansion & Self-Compassion - 10:36

5) Make The Best Decision - 7:03

6) Gratitude Meditation - 5:49

7) BONUS TRACK - Urge Surfing, Extended Version With Music - 20:03


Download the album for $16 au