Meditations For Sleep


Calm your overactive mind, let go of unhelpful thinking habits and release stress, tension and anxiety that are preventing you from getting to sleep.

This album has been crafted to help you to better manage the thoughts and stressors that are keeping you awake so that you can relax easily and drift into a deep, restful sleep every night.

All tracks have soft music and guide you into a sleep state.

Track listing: 

1) Body Breathing (Quick To Sleep) - 17:46

2) Though Pot Deep Visualisation - 37:45

3) Thought Pot - Calm Your Active Mind (Short Version) - 25:11

4) Journey To The Night Sky - 26:39

5) Anxiety Rescue Meditation - 16:05

6) Relax And Release - Let Go Of Stress And Tension - 16:37


Download the album and guidebook for $16 au