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Just because you experience pain, illness or discomfort, that doesn't mean that you should suffer, worry or live in despair. This 7 track album is designed to help you live your best life possible, whether you're experiencing pain or not.

With healing Native American Flute music channeled and improvised by multi-instrumentalist Adam Page. Each track has its own unique soundtrack created to assist the specific intention of the meditation practice.

Track listing: 

1) Make Peace With Pain - 14:28

2) Self-Compassion - 11:40

3) Gratitude With Pain Present - 12:05

4) Connecting To Your True Values - 12:45

5) Goals and Dreams - 12:00

6)  Healing Light Visualisation - 6:21

(bonus track) Self Forgiveness Practice - 18:04


Download the album and guidebook for $16