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Note: these are not physical CDs, but albums of Mp3 downloads (best downloaded on a computer)


Chakra Meditations To Heal, Open & Align

This album contains 8 transformative healing practices to activate your chakras and restore your energy. Due for release February 23rd.

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Meditations For Chronic Discomfort

Just because you experience pain, illness or discomfort, that doesn't mean that you should suffer, worry or live in despair.

This 7 track album is designed to help you live your best life possible, whether you're experiencing pain or not.

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Meditations For Sleep

Calm your overactive mind, let go of unhelpful thinking habits, and release stress, tension, and anxiety that strikes when you need to sleep.

6 tracks specifically crafted to get you to sleep.

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Meditations To Overcome Bad Habits

This album will support your on your quest to overcome one or many unhelpful or unhealthy habits once and for all.

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Mindfulness Meditations

To Be Here Now

This album will help you to bring mindfulness into every area of your life, slow down your mind and make healthier choices.

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Meditations For Pregnancy And Birth

This album will support you from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way through to the moment your baby is born.

You will be gently guided to build a sacred bond with your unborn baby,

love yourself, overcome fears and create a strong yet soft body and mind for labour and birth.

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