Naomi Goodlet
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A LightWorker immersion

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2019 is the year you step into your calling,
to let the old you fall away,
to stand in the light and work your magic.


Your current thoughts, beliefs, energy blocks and money stories will only allow so much money to flow to you... 


so if you want to open to receive more money,
you need to clear what's in the way!

Money With Intention is an 8-week program which takes you into the
depths of your money blocks, even the ones you're not yet aware of,
and clears them out for good!


During this 8 weeks you will open yourself up to receive and
immerse yourself in the universal flow of abundance.


Each week you'll receive 1-2 journal prompts to get you working through whatever has been holding you back until now.


And throughout the 8 weeks you'll have access to the private Facebook group where we'll chat daily, I'll be hosting live, exclusive meditations and training,
all about clearing your blocks and getting intentional about money!