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Receive a healing from anywhere in the world.

A healing is right for you if you:

  • Crave an energy clearing or chakra balancing
  • Feel heavy, blocked or stuck
  • Need to disconnect energetically from someone
  • Want to clear out old energy that's preventing you from moving forward
  • Feel the need to release karmic or past life issues
  • Want to fast-track your journey towards your goals
  • Desire an insight into your energy dynamics

How does it work?

Once you book your session, I'll make a time to complete your healing session within 14 days, and email you to let you know when you can expect your healing to take place.

If you have something specific that you'd like the healing to focus on, then you can send through your info/questions before your healing is due to commence. If you're happy to see what comes up in the healing without providing any additional information, that's totally fine.

Sometimes the magic lies in the space where we let go of control.

During the healing session there's nothing that you need to do. If you want to take some time out to rest and meditate at the specified time, do that! But you don't have to. If you're working, driving or making dinner, the healing will still take effect. Depending on where you are in the world, you might be asleep anyway! (I'm in Australia.)

Take big leaps towards your goals without leaving the house or lifting a finger.

Once your reading has been completed I will email you all of the details of the healing for you to integrate. This is the point where you will start to connect more deeply with the healing process and feel results.

After your session you might experience some of the following symptoms associated with energy clearing... tiredness, an urge to cry, breathe deeply or move your body, introversion or a feeling of lightness. Stay grounded, rest, and journal about your experience.

Your healing will help you to work on whatever needs to shift right now. 

All I need is your name and I’ll connect with you on a soul-level to heal you to heal whatever is holding you back. That's my gift!

Healing session e-mails will be sent to your paypal email address.

Book your 30-minute Distance Healing for $95