Naomi Goodlet
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What’s involved?

Your reading will take place over a 45-minute
Skype or Zoom call with Naomi.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 8 card spread. Naomi will intuitively choose the card decks to work
    with and draw a minimum of 8 cards for your reading.

  • 1 potent message from your guides. Naomi receives messages on
    your behalf from your personal spirit guides.

  • 3 action steps to take or ideas to implement immediately to guide
    you towards greater freedom.

  • 1 email overview of your reading, which includes a recording of
    your session, and photo of your oracle cards.

  • 2 weeks of messenger or voxer support (audio chat). Ensure that you
    get all the support you need while implementing new beliefs and habits.


Limited places available ~ November & December 2018 only




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