What to do when everything goes wrong


everythingoes OK well maybe not *everything* went wrong but over the past two weeks my daughter has coughed day and night, I spent 4 days unwell on the couch, my laptop crashed requiring a week-long repair AND I had to back out of what felt like hundreds of writing gigs, webinars and coaching sessions.

AND I am thankful for all of it. In fact I feel more loving, grateful and connected to my life than I have in months.

I felt the urge to give in to frustration, despair and defeat. I even had times where I came close. So how did I respond to my screaming daughter? my upset tummy? and my business stress? I lovingly accepted it all, sent it compassion and engaged in activities that nurtured my spirit (as much as possible).

In the past I would have pushed through and worked while I was unwell, I would have become frustrated with my crying child and suffered miserably through all of my discomfort. And even though I didn't enjoy these things, I managed my reaction to them differently and as a result, I've spent much of the past fortnight in a perpetual state of self-love.

I invite you to ask yourself, "How do I react to chaos and stress in my life?".

If you think you could benefit from adding more self love and compassion into the mix then I recommend checking out these Mindfulness recordings (you can listen to them for free).

Urge Surfing

Urge Surfing

 Ideal Self Meditation

Ideal Self Meditation


I used both of these techniques amidst my chaos and I came out of it feeling blessed, grateful, inspired and connected. Give them a try!

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