How I learnt to say "yes" to slow drivers

How I Learnt To Say “Yes” To Slow copy I was driving home after taking my daughter to the park and a woman drinking a can of coke in one hand pulled out in front of me, way too close. I had to brake and slow down to accommodate her on the road. I felt frustration creeping in.

Usually in this situation, the person who pulled out a bit enthusiastically would then correct their speed in order to put the flow of traffic in order. But she didn't. She drove slowly.

I thought that she might be slowing down to make a turn at the next corner, but she didn't turn. She just kept going. Slowly.

I live in a touristy area so it's common to get stuck behind someone that is slow. Sometimes they're looking for a landmark or just taking in the scenery and I give them some space to enjoy themselves. But not this woman. She was just slow!

Instead of accepting my situation (like a good YesQuest-er), I fell into my old habits and I did the only thing that I knew how to do...

I tailgated her.

Yep. I drove up her ass, like a self-righteous tool, thinking that because she'd pulled out in front of me that I'd earned a licence to teach her a lesson. She still didn't speed up.

As I drove, I became increasingly frustrated, and I remembered my quest to say "yes" to my life.

I took a step back from what was happening, not only was I not saying "yes" to this situation but I was proactively making my life and her life worse.

I realised that tailgating her (or anyone) was never actually going to have a positive outcome because:
1) It rarely achieves the desired result.
2) I end up feeling increasingly frustrated causing only myself to suffer (quite unnecessarily.)
3) I totally hate it when people drive aggressively behind me (why did I think it was ok to do it to someone else?)

Once I thought this through, and stopped being a menace, I instantly felt calmer and had no trouble accepting my circumstances. It's not like I was in a hurry anyway.

I really didn't have to let myself get fired up about, essentially nothing.

Once I realised this. my anger dissolved and I knew that I could say yes to slow drivers anytime. Getting cranky with them only upsets me and it's just not worth it!

What do you get frustrated about?


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