FUN-VID Friday: Feist - I Feel It All


It's my birthday!!! Woohoo! So I thought I'd choose an extra special fun-vid for y'all today. This one has been in my top 10 music videos of all time as long as I've has a top 10 AND I doubt that it will ever budge.



Do you know of Feist? She has loads of great clips. She cares about creating good quality videos, she is a true artist!

I have 'a thing' for videos and short films that are shot in one continuous take. I have a massive appreciation for effort and detail... and this clip has had SO MUCH effort put into it, it blows my freaking mind. And detail, yes well it rocks on that too. Watch til the end... she's on a goddamn boat ffs!

I'm so pleased to share one of my all time favorite clips with you on my 31st birthday. I'd love for you to leave me a comment and share this post and a gift to me :)