Make your first wholesale order and join the "Wellness Advocate" club. This fancy name just means that you'll have access to the same reduced price oils and benefits as I do, plus you'll have direct access to me to ask for advice about using your oils and which ones to bring into your life.

Follow the instructions on this page to make your first order and I'll be in touch with you soon to chat about how to use the oils in your life.


  • Go here and click “Join & Save” at the top of the page.


  • Choose your country and language. 


  • Select “Local” (you might not see this step depending on which country you are in.)


  • Choose “Wellness Advocate” NOT “Wholesale Customer.”


  • Enter your personal information and your ABN (if you have one.)


  • In the “Enroller ID” box, enter my number - 5869960.


  • Click “verify” and my name “Naomi Goodlet” will appear. 
    This might already be populated. If so, just ignore this step.


  • Give yourself an easy to remember password.


  • Click over to the next page.


  • Select the starter kit you’d like OR the $35 enrolment fee.

    If you just want a few oils to start with, select the $35 enrolment fee and on the checkout page, you can enter in any additional products in the little text box and select them to add to the cart. Or just simply finish your $35 order which will create your account, and then you can log back in straight away and order the oils you want.

    If you want to start with a kit (the best value option) then select your chosen kit and the $35 enrolment fee is waived. 

    I always recommend the Home Essentials Kit. It's the kit that I started with and it contains all the oils that you will need to start living an essential oils lifestyle. This kit contains oils for immune support, cleaning, relaxation and flavouring use too! I have replenished ALL of these oils many times. It's an amazing value kit.


  • Enter your credit card details and process your order.


  • You’ll be asked if you’d like to set up a monthly order which you can do if you like or cancel out of it - you can always do this later if you change your mind.


Once you’ve placed an order, it will be shipped to you soon!
Join the Heartful Intentions if you haven't already to start asking questions and sharing your essential oil wisdom.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the group or email me,

All this info might seem overwhelming right now, but trust me, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Thank-you for choosing to dive into oily fun with me. I'm delighted to work with you.

Naomi xx