The story of a stressed-out Gen-Y who learned to stop hating her life for no reason, let go of chronic disappointment, and finally chill the fuck out. 

It's true. I used to suffer with chronic disappointment and dissatisfaction, until I set myself the challenge of completing a 12-month quest to start saying YES to my life instead of NO.

In 2015 I crowdfunded and self-published my stories failure and success in saying YES, from my 12-month experiment.

Available in hard copy, pdf, kindle and audio.

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5 easy steps to let go of limiting beliefs for good! Create new, lasting beliefs that will align you with your desires & make you feel Worthy Of MORE!

Learn how to break free from your limiting beliefs and start believing that YOU ARE WORTHY!

PDF e-book comes with mp3 audio and companion workbook for $11au.

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9 simple hacks to get through anything that life throws at you, while remaining unwaveringly awesome.

You don’t have to wait until you’ve achieved all of your goals to be happy! You can ROCK EVERY MOMENT of your whole, damn life, starting right now.

50 pages of life-changing, easy-to-achieve, spiritual life-hacks (with love & grit) PLUS… access to 7 Meditations to go along with the book, all for $11au. (PDF download)

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Make space in your life for the things and people that truly matter.

Distraction Hacker will help you…

  • identify your techy habits that have been on auto-pilot for way too long
  • discover what’s truly important to you and
  • create more time in your life for the people and activities that make life worth living!

Get the PDF for $11au.

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