Wisdom from a work-free month


Okay so I did actually work a tiny bit during September, but I really only did the barest minimum. I saw a handful of regular clients, I completed readings for all of my Patrons, and I released a meditation track (on the last day of the month) but that was pretty much all I did. So what else did I get up to for during my month-long break?

I went to Sydney for a week, and then I hung out with my 5 year old while she was on kindergarten holidays, I went to a bunch of kids birthday parties, and I chilled-the-hell-out.

Usually the holidays stress me out beyond belief because I find myself scrambling to keep on top of my work (and household) and then everything piles up and I find myself being struck with overnight overwhelm. Once that happens, I would find it impossible to be present with my daughter while that ever-growing list of things to do was niggling on my mind.

I set out for September to be different. I decided on my intentions for the month, and then I let those intentions influence every choice I made. These are the intentions I chose:

  • Go on adventures
  • Play
  • Travel
  • Declutter

Having this list of intentions made it so much easier for me to choose how I spent my time. Here's a little breakdown of how it panned out...

Go on adventures: My daughter and I made a list of things that we'd like to do together and put each one in a bowl in our loungeroom. Each day that we had free, we would draw one, then head off and do it. During the two-week long holiday, we went on 7 adventures from our list.

Play: Play happens more when you make time for it. It seems backwards, but when play is scheduled in, you'll guarantee that you'll actually do it. I spent one of the afternoons that I would have ordinarily been working finishing off my second ever mosaic project, a table that I'd been glueing for a few weeks prior. I don't consider myself a creative person, but this year I've taken up mosaic art and basket weaving as a creative outlet, and I can't believe the joy I get from them! I never realised just how important creative play really is, until I actually allowed myself the time to do it. We also booked in some playdates and catch-ups with friends, so fun was had all round.

Travel: As I mentioned, we went to Sydney early in the month. We didn't do any other travel, but during September we booked 3 more holidays! 2 for this year and one for next year. We wanted to keep the momentum and holiday vibes going!

Declutter: I'm a mad declutterer. I'm pretty ruthless most of the time when it comes to stuff, and I give old things away all the time. Over the past month,  I went next level. I emptied every drawer, cupboard and bookshelf in my house and released EVERYTHING that was not getting used, played with or worn. Releasing stuff opens you up to more of the good stuff that life has to offer.... wonderful feelings like love and happiness, as well as practical things like money, new and better items and experiences, or progress towards goals. I couldn't believe how easily money, happiness and ease flowed to me during this time. It was effortless.

Now I'm back at work again, I have a refreshed sense of alignment and creative flow... something I was definitely lacking before. My intuition is clearer than ever and my creative flow is in full force.

I am lucky though. I recognise that a work-free month is a massive privilege and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to do so. If you're not able to get away from work, but still want to refresh your energy, here's what I recommend:

  • Declutter everything!
  • Set some intentions about what you'd like to do and how you'd like to be.
  • Schedule in some play and self-care.
  • Take time away from work or your regular routine if you can.

Look out for some new creations from me later this month. xx

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