What meditating for 10 mins a day taught me about priorities

priotities I recently ran my first round of the 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge and I didn't just facilitate the challenge, I participated too (and intend to do the same for future challenges).

Each day a new mindfulness meditation was sent to me and all I had to do was click through and listen. So simple in theory.

I already practice mindfulness informally every day but I don't always sit down and listen to a recording. I felt the anxieties rise as I thought about having to carve out 5-10 mins each day to meditate.

The biggest thing that I noticed during the challenge is that I actually have more time than I admit. It's just that I usually busy myself in housework, writing or business and leave meditation at the very bottom of the list. This challenge forced me to shift it to the top of the list and do it before I focussed on other tasks. And do you know what happened?

I still achieved all of my goals. Yes, I made time for meditation and I didn't actually lose time for other things like I thought that I would. All week I was calm, positive and still. I even managed *not* to have numerous meltdowns when my 2 year old refused to go to bed for a daytime nap on most of the days during the challenge.

The present moment is the only one you have

Here are my key take-aways from the experience...

1) Meditation is important

Really. The difference that it makes to your everyday life is undeniably positive. You might not always feel like doing it, but when you do, I guarantee that you will feel better as a result.

2) You have more time than you think

There are undoubtedly things in your life that you're willingly giving your time away to that are actually sucking your energy, such as watching TV, checking social media or thinking about the past/future. A regular meditation practice might mean that you have less time for these things but from what I've experienced, the more you meditate, the less crap you want in your life anyway.

3) Inconsistent practice is better than no practice

It's far better to have good intentions and meditate when you have time, even if it's not everyday, than it is to miss a day and then just stop (which is what most of us do). Somedays you'll forget or be too busy and that's completely forgivable but if you commit to getting back on the wagon after you've momentarily slipped off you'll keep up the momentum and meditation will start to feel like a regular part of your life.

Have you done the challenge? You can sign up for the next round here.

What gets in the way of your meditation practice?

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