How to stop constantly thinking about tomorrow (and forgetting about today)


Are you rarely satisfied, always on the hunt for things and experiences that are bigger are better?
Are you so busy that you can't stop thinking about everything that you have to do?

It's exciting to always be looking forward, especially as we set intentions for the year ahead, but if we don't pause every once in a while to appreciate the journey we're on, we can fall into the trap of never being satisfied and always wanting more more more.

Here are my three steps to stop thinking about tomorrow...



1. Be still

Be present in your life as it's happening right now.  Follow your breath, listen to the sounds around you or connect with your body. Life slows down when you pay attention to it as it's unfolding, rather than being caught up in plans and worries about the future.


2. Look back

Remember how far you've come to get to this point. Yes, you might still have a long way to go in order to achieve your goals, but its important to look back in time so you can honour and acknowledge your journey. It's ok to feel a sense of accomplishment, even for the little things.


3. Find gratitude

As you are experiencing the present and the past, bring to mind things to feel grateful for. Gratitude will pull you into the present moment with ease so that you can fully enjoy it and focus on today.


These little tips won't take away your responsibilities in the future, but they will give your mind a break and help you to connect with your life right now.

What are you always thinking about / planning for?


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