The security blanket was yanked away - Guest post by Tricia Dycka

My parents have been talking about selling their house now for a few years.  The house I GREW up in.  The house of security, love, laughter, tears and heart break. The home I thought would always be around.  Alas that is not so.   To make it life even more fun my parents moved 8 hours away by car.  Ok so I was traumatized for a minute (it was longer) but I wanted to share with you what I have learned.

Nothing stays the same!!!

As if you didn’t know that.  However it is our reaction to it that makes all the difference in the world.  I have come to realize we can fight it or we can appreciate the time we have had and realize that the memories are always there. Bonus, there will always be NEW memories to be made.

Did you realize the memories that we make on a daily basis can help us move forward.  The gratitude that we experienced something we love or new, something more than the shit attitude of woe is me and the glass is half empty.  Yes you know what I mean.  Even funnier the glass is always FULL, half with water, and the rest air.  It is a different perspective.

How do you handle life as things you thought were constant, change or disappear?  Without a doubt there can be a mourning process and saying good bye.

When I moved to FL from NY I was a fish floundering out of water.  I kept asking myself, what I was thinking leaving everything and everyone I knew behind. The security blanket was again yanked away. BEST choice I have ever made.  It made me re-evaluate everything and everyone in my life.  It made me question my beliefs, my thoughts, and who I was and who I wanted to be.

I went through a period of mourning….ha who am I kidding it was depression I was walking around like a zombie until one day I looked in the mirror and asked who are you?  The person I know does not sit around letting life go past them.  So I pulled up my big girl panties and started asking the hard questions.  Who am I? Who do I want to become? How do I want to show up?  What do I really want to do?

It was baby steps for me, each day I started going out checking out the new place I had moved to and started meeting new people.  I started joining new groups and doing things I would not have normally done if I had stayed in NY.  Why???  Because I was comfortable, and used to my security blanket in NY.  I am so glad it was ripped out from under me.

I wonder if I nothing had changed for me if I would still be in the same place.  I am so grateful it did, I will admit I was really not happy where I was in my life.  I worked at a job I did not like, did all the things main stream applauded and ignored my heart’s desire.

You see, our security blanket is really just an illusion, one that we keep in place to feel like we are secure.  I liken it to a band aid that needs to be ripped off once the cut is healed and sometimes the cut will reopen.  It is then we need to respond to the situation and our feelings of it.

What I have come to find is people continue doing something because of a security blanket at the cost of them. I am glad my parents are following what they need to do.  I am grateful for leaving the place I grew up.  I am grateful that I have not chosen to cling to something at the expense of myself.

If you find yourself clinging to a security blanket ask yourself is this for real? Is this how I want my life to be? Could it be time to challenge the status quo and reach for something bigger?


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Tricia is an intuitive coach, Reiki Master, bestselling author, teacher, speaker and enthusiast Tricia’s mission in life is to help others understand the emotional roller coaster we all go through as women business owners.  As an intuitive coach she helps you in your business as a source of support, helping you deal with doubts and define blocks that keep you from going where you want to go. You are not alone.


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