The Red Tent Revival

Did you know that 1 in 4 women over 40 are depressed?Or that 75% of women suffer from chronic stress? And that 75% of all women never experience the big ‘O’. Whhaaaaaat!!?

Coincidence? I think not. I say it’s high-time we change that!

Because, the reality is, either you or a woman you know is…Completely exhausted, stressed out, sick …Or maybe you or a woman you know is having fertility problems… or period problems or hormonal imbalances… or low libido… or worse.

I totally get it because I’ve been there too. And, these are all signposts that tell us we are OFF TRACK!

Let’s get back on our path, ladies. Join The Red Tent Revival for free!



Now is our time.

Check out this amazing FREE online festival, The Red Tent Revival. It’s happening May 16-20 and it is going to rock your world in soooooooo many ways.

Inside the Red Tent, you’ll join tens of thousands of women around the world as we revive our feminine nature, reclaim our wisdom, and return to our truth…(and I'll be there too, learning along with you!)

You’ll be safely guided and supported by a tribe of powerful female teachers who will answer all your questions and get your body moving and feeling amazing.



I have learnt SO MUCH about myself from Kristin and from The Red Tent Revival over the past 3 years (so trust me when I say you’ve NEVER heard the secrets they are sharing in the Red Tent).


Kristin Sweeting Morelli, is the red hot woman who is pioneering this movement. She seriously likes to shake things up and break down barriers for women around the world… And so, she has put together an EPIC (and totally free) 5-day online festival where we'll revive EVERYTHING it means to be a woman.

Inside the Red Tent, you’ll get to learn from an extraordinary group of contributors too… television stars, best-selling authors, world-famous dancers, MDs, and PhDs who will be sharing their wisdom and having us move our bodies. Mmm… so good! (AND you can take part from the comfort of your living room!)

Do you want to become the woman who experiences more pleasure, fun, and freedom than she ever thought possible? Yes? Then sign up to the Red Tent Revival before it kicks off!