The Daily Love

4e338705214c641e0b4cbdbd1e0bc1c3 During my recent business start up and rebranding transformation, I became a junkie for knowledge and inspiration, not that I wasn’t before – but I took it to the next level.

I sought out free resources everywhere I could and along my journey I stumbled across The Daily Love. I found them via an advert for their (now passed) 2013 Extravaganza on Jacob Sokol's Sensophony website.

My first taste of The Daily Love was that video for the extravaganza. It seems a bit cheesy when I watch it now but at the time, it blew me away.

These were YOUNG PEOPLE that were SUCCESSFUL and CLEVER. They were spreading a message without being preachy and genuinely wanted to enlighten and empower people.

I signed up straight away for the Extravaganza and for The Daily Love’s email newsletter, which, as the name suggests, comes out daily and is filled with love.

Mastin Kipp is the founder of The Daily Love and shares an inspirational lesson or story in every email and I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was not “perfect”, nor claiming to be. In fact, his stories are so engaging and inspirational because of his honestly about his struggles.

This lead to my authenticity awakening and helped me to realize that

It is possible to be YOUNG and AWESOME and SUCCESSFUL!

In fact many of The Daily Love’s achievements have helped me to get clear about my own aspirations and have shown me that everything that I want to achieve CAN BE DONE. I know that now.

So this post is a sincere Thank You to The Daily Love team. If you are not already a subscriber, I encourage you to get your butt over there right now and sign up for your daily dose of love!