The Blessing Of Feeling OK

The Blessing Of Feeling OK Not great, not excited or blessed, not even good... just OK.

Let me tell you why I think this is something to be grateful for...

If you know a little bit about my story, and my journey, you'll know that I have suffered my whole life with food intolerances and digestion problems resulting in painful and debilitating symptoms. If not, now you know!

Since my daughter was born in 2012 I had been managing my food well and was relatively symptom-free until about 6 months ago.

Overnight I developed an intolerance to nuts and gluten (which I had NO idea about at the time) which manifested in symptoms like, nausea, fatigue and tummy pain.

My symptoms were random and out of control.

I would instantly be smacked down with fatigue so hard that I couldn't even sit up to play with my daughter and I would have to run to the toilet in the middle of client sessions (I'm sorry if this was you). Not to mention that I developed a fear of driving too far from home!

So it's fair to say that it was having a significant impact on my life.

But I began to notice that when I would start to feel ok after experiencing any symptoms I felt this HUGE sense of gratitude and relief, even if I only felt well enough to vague-out on the couch while my husband ran the show.

I was thankful for life without suffering! I was thankful for each breath in and out. I was thankful just to be OK.

Then I started thinking, "here I am complaining about feeling tired and nauseas every now and again, some people have got serious shit going on!". Cancer, grief, disability, chronic illness, fuck, even unexpected accidents.

I had a moment of perspective.

I realised that even though my suffering is valid, I also have a shittonne to be thankful for...

And I'd rather feel grateful than miserable regardless of my cruddy symptoms.

Everyone has something to be grateful for, even if it's just that they're not dealing with stuff that's way worse than their current situation.

And I'm talking about genuine gratitude by the way. We can get caught in a habit of complaining and using the fact that we "should" be grateful as leverage to feel even worse. I've totally done this! Here's an example:

When we moved to our spacious rainforest home in 2010 I was totally bummed. (I know WTF?) It rained for nearly 3 months straight (remember this?), everything went mouldy and I was feeling isolated and depressed. I noticed my lack of gratitude for all the good stuff in my life and would think, "I suck" and spiral down further.

The problem was that I didn't give gratitude a chance to take a place in my life because I was so damn focused on being (and staying) miserable. Can you relate?

It sucks. But now I know the antidote. It's sounds naff but hear me out...

Make a gratitude list.

BUT instead of going for the obvious things like, your home, job, relationships or car, make it a list of things that you're grateful NOT to have in your life. I could fill an entire notebook with my list!

I like to start with something like, "Isn't it so damn great that I don't"... and then flow on with things like:


- Have chronic pain

- Live in fear of being hurt or killed

- Have a life threatening illness

- Live in a war zone

- Have any restrictions around what I can do, buy, write or say

- Live on a main road with a beeping pedestrian crossing out the front of my bedroom window (I used to live here and it was pure hell).


After a while you get to a place where you stop and think

"Hell yeah! How good is my life!"

Way better than trying to get a smile on about all the good stuff in your life when you're stuck in the crapzone.

So, see feeling "OK" as a blessing and pull yourself from the muck by remembering how good it actually is.

**Dive deeper into this technique in my free E-book Rock Every Moment.

Is there something that you've been complaining about that's getting you down?

What are you thankful NOT to have?

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