That Time I Manifested $67,000

That time I manifested $67,000  

It was 2006… I was riding the wave of The Secret which I was lucky to see as soon as it came out.


The Law Of Attraction made complete sense to me.


It confirmed what I already believed about the way in which I was sabotaging my income by my negative beliefs and words, and the movie taught me the basics for giving conscious manifesting a go.


I was committed.


I wanted to prove to myself that this stuffed worked and have a shot at attracting some money.


I wanted my amount to be big enough that I wouldn't try and figure out *the how*, I recognised that it wasn't my job to worry about how I would attract the money. So I just surrendered and and focussed on my goal.


I chose to focus on $70,000.


I lived and breathed this number.

I was a complete novice at this so I didn't really know what I was meant to be doing so I just threw everything I had at it (a tactic which my mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas now recommends for great results!)


Here's some of the things I tried:

+ I visualised the money in my bank account.

+ I visualised the actual numbers $70,000.

+ I created affirmations that I recited in my mind all day long.

+ I created mantras that I chanted in my mind in time with my footsteps as a walked to and from the bus stop each day.

+ I aligned with the feeling of already having the money.

+ I dreamt about what I would do with the money.

+ I scribbled it down in my notebook during meetings.

+ And probably most importantly, I refused to be discouraged when it didn't show up.


For about 2 months I did this, then I felt as though I didn't need to put more energy into it anymore and I surrendered it fully to the universe with trust.

I reclaimed my mind and allowed myself to read on the bus instead of chanting affirmations.

I completely let it go.


Some back story...

I'd had a mortgage on a small investment property for the past year and a half. I lived with my husband in a house that he was paying off and my little place was rented out. It was an absolute crap-box, when I bought it, it was probably the cheapest house in the state… but I got in just before a housing boom at a price which I could manage to pay off on my own salary. It was on a majorly busy road, in an industrial area, in a pretty dodgy neighbourhood. I thought that I would just pay it off and use it as an investment in the long-term, but….


2 weeks after I surrendered my desire for $70,000, I dropped in on the house to chat to the tenant (something which I wouldn't normally do) and there was a letter there for me. The letter was from an Estate Agent saying that there was a buyer interested in the property! What?!

I couldn't believe that anyone would want to buy this place, I only bought it because it was all I could afford - the return wasn't even that good.

It turns out that a local business owned the other half of the duplex and wanted to buy this one as well for their staff to stay in. Apparently they didn't have the funds back when I bought it not too long ago.

Initially I wasn't interested in selling. I didn't see that I had anything to gain, especially if it sold for a similar price to what I bought it for.

But out of interest, I researched house prices for similar properties in the area and to my surprise, they had gone up dramatically, about 70 grand in fact.

I still was in the mindset that I didn't want to sell, but I took a risk, now that I realised that this could be the way that the universe was delivering my desire.

I met with the agent and told him that I would only be willing to sell for XXX price, exactly $70,000 more than what I paid for it. He took the price to the owner and we negotiated down a little bit but I didn't care. I was stoked and signed the deal.


After all of my expenses, I walked away with $67,000 IN MY HAND.


If that's not manifesting in action I don't know what is!


And it was actually a blessing to get out of that place because after I bought it, I really felt like I'd made the wrong choice as I'd had a lot of issues finding good tenants.


So my money was delivered to me, as I would expect in the most harmonious, easy way possible!

Share your own story. What is the biggest manifesting win you've ever had? Have you seen The Secret? Did it change things for you?