How To Stay Spiritually Connected In A Busy, Crazy, Non-Spiritual World

How To Stay Spiritually Connected In A copy Whether you're at the beginning of your spiritual awakening or have been attuned for many years, the "real world" still poses many challenges for those of us who want to have a deeply spiritual life experience.

Life is full of distractions that try to unplug our divine connection and pull us away from our true self. Work needs to get done, conversations with the boss need to happen, children need us to make them lunch and houses need cleaning. As much as we might wish otherwise, we all have real-life responsibilities that need taking care of, but that doesn't mean that we need to feel totally disconnected in the process.

We can feel completely grounded, energised and spiritually aligned in the few minutes after a meditation session or warm bath, but it doesn't take long to disconnect once we see the cat scratching the couch or we get sucked into the news headlines.

We are spiritual beings in our pure form, but we must not discount the fact that we are living a physical existence. I don't believe that we are meant to be spiritually connected all the time. Fluctuating between periods of connection and disconnection gives us perspective on where we need to grow and heal. Life is about learning. You are not perfect. Let go of expectations to be spiritually connected all the time and just commit yourself to inviting more connection into your life everyday.

Here's my top 5 ways to stay connected no matter what is going on.

1) Keep your fire alive

Remember why you're doing what you're doing. If you're heading off to work in a job you hate, then remind yourself what you will be able to do, have and achieve with the money you earn. If you're cleaning the bathroom (one of my pet hates) bring to mind how much you love having a clean house, and how grateful you are to even have a house to live in!

Staying closely aligning with your why…. your fire, will keep you connected to yourself. When you're in a strong alignment with your self, spiritual connection flows more easily.


2) Reconnect often

Disconnection is unavoidable. There no need to worry about it. Just make a daily habit of reconnecting, so that it feels normal and easy for you to make time for it.

Create a regular reconnection ritual and come to it often. Find something that helps you easily feel spiritually connected… reading a book, meditating, exercising, getting out into nature… whatever it is, find the thing that makes your spirit come alive and make time for it every day.


3) Stay present

Too much thinking and not enough  b e i n g  can disconnect us from our spiritual home-base.

We get caught up in our mind, over-think, worry, analyse, stress, dwell on the past and fantasise about the future. It pulls us away from the potential of this moment. There is much to be experienced, if only we could make space for it all.

Just be. If you get tangled up in your thoughts, that's ok, just come back to the present moment.


4) Protect your energy

See yourself encased in an impenetrable sphere of pure white light, knowing that your energy is always safe and protected. Your sphere is hooked up to a constant flow of energy from the universe, so whenever you start to feel a drain on your energy reserves, remember that nothing can drain your energy unless you willingly give it away…. and even if you do, it will be replensihed in an instant.

This doesn't mean that you won't sometimes feel physically tired or even exhausted. Protecting yourself, particularly in stressful, negative or crowded environments, will just remind you that your energy is strong and constantly being topped up so that you can stay connected both spiritually and physically.

Try this exercise.


5) Use visual reminders

Sometimes we get so swept up in everyday life that we just forget about nurturing our spiritual side. Visual reminders are a great way to steer us back in the right direction. Put a crystal on your desk, create a vision board for your bedroom wall or write affirmations on post it notes and stick them all over the house. 

Download an app like Insight Timer for your phone and let it remind you a few times a day to get out of your mind, to take a deep breath and to come back to who you truly are.


How do you love to reconnect?

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