Saying "Yes" to life. A year-long quest.


Well in reality, it's probably going to be a life-long quest but I'm starting in 2015 and I'll see what happens after that.

One major drawback to having a rebellious nature is that my default is set to "no".

I have my guard up, I come in fighting and I question everything.

It's been this way for so long that I find it hard to say "yes" unless I've thought it over, analysed it for safety, ease, enjoyability and convenience, and then I make an informed decision about whether or not it's right for me. "Rebellious nature" may as well be code for "control freak".

I would basically fight against my life if it wasn't going my way.

If my daughter was cranky or my plans got cancelled or if the weather wasn't perfect or the traffic was bad or if my food was slightly over-cooked or if the garden had weeds in it or if the bathroom was dirty or if the thing I wanted to buy was too expensive or if I had to do the dishes…. again…. I would fight against it. Somedays I would even say that I "hated" it.

Rebels expect to feel hatred. I didn't realise that it wasn't healthy to live like this.

I would use Mindfulness and ACT only when it suited my needs. It hadn't occurred to me that acceptance could be something that I applied to every moment of my life. I didn't feel like I really needed to, until… my birthday in December of 2014.

I treated myself to a session with a clairvoyant. She was the kind that I like, the kind that doesn't use cards, that just channels lets the messages flow. She didn't know me from the next person but she spoke directly to me...

"You have to stop saying "No" to your life" were the very first words she said. "You push everything away" said said with outstretched hands, "opportunities, people, love, money. You push it away when you say "no" all the time".

I knew exactly what she was talking about. Everything clicked. I knew that this is what I needed to work on next.

Whether or not this psychic lady tells everyone she meets to stop saying "no", I didn't care.

The timing was right for me.

I might be a control freak, but I have an adventurous spirit and I'm always up for an experiment.

I always say that I specialise in "things that work" and I need to experiment in order to discover the good stuff. I guess it also helped that at the time, I happened to be reading The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau, and his concept of adopting a quest resonated with my desire to use myself as a crash-test-dummy to uncover something that "works".

So here I am, not even two weeks later, committing to saying "yes" to my life for the year ahead.

Bad stuff, hard stuff, sucky stuff and the incredibly amazingly great stuff too.

I'll have it all thanks.

And I'll be sharing my journey with you as well as giving you the opportunity to join me for your own "YesQuest".

More on how to say "yes" in future posts (be sure to sign up below to stay in touch) but for now, this is my public declaration that I will aim to stop fighting with things that are out of my control and find peace and acceptance for all that is.

It's sounds easier that I think it will be!!

What do you fight or struggle with in your own life?

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