My Power Words For 2014

Welcome to 2014. How has the year been treating you so far? I am feeling abuzz with excitement and positivity, for myself, for my business and for YOU and all the possibilities that 2014 has in store.

I'm done with resolutions. I'm all for starting fresh and making positive changes but what seems to happen with new year resolutions is that we set unrealistic goals that are unfortunately set up to fail from the beginning. This may be for any number of reasons, often because of failure to address the underlying reasons creating the problem we want to change in the first place. So we can stick to our changes in the short term but we then slip into old habits.

And resolutions are often about the destination, not the journey.

Most goal setting leaves out the most vital ingredient: Feelings. Click to Tweet.

So this year for the first time I am honouring my journey. Even though I still have goals that I will set out to achieve, my aim is to focus on achieving my desired feelings. Here they are:



And now it a little more detail...


For me this is about feeling unrestricted by money, location, health etc. I thought about choosing a word just for money/abundance but I realised that the feeling I desire underneath it all is actually freedom.

In the past I have set intentions around 'abundance' and I have actually found that it can backfire for me. Sure, I end up feeling abundant, but I also find that with it comes stuff, clutter, excess and things that I really don't need. Perhaps the universe gets a little confused on the word 'abundance'. I thought that 'freedom' was more specific and has less potential for backfiring - hopefully!



Ooohlala. Ok, I'm not just talking about sex here, but sex is definitely a part of it, particularly reclaiming my body & femininity after having a child. The initial word I had chosen was 'Connection'. I want to experience deep connection & understanding with myself, with my family, my clients and the people in my tribe. Then a dug a bit deeper and the word 'Intimacy' emerged.

For me this word is about exploring, sharing, giving and receiving in the most open and raw way possible. I plan to do this through meditation, exercise, building my intuition, making time for meaningful conversations, giving of myself without restriction and being willing to receive.



I have long loved this word. It have tried again and again to use it in my business and I haven't quite found the right use for it yet (4 syllables is 1 too many I think). This is about making healthful choices at every opportunity and celebrating feeling energetic and well.

Over the past year I have struggled with some unexplained symptoms and pain in my body and I suddenly realised the simple gift of feeling well. My plan is to joyously celebrate my health and choose foods and activities that will support me.


These 3 words have already helped me to shape my actions and keep me in line. I'm so excited about the year ahead.

Tell me, what are your words for 2014?