The number 1 thing that has helped me succeed in my business

No, it's not a website trick, money-making scheme or expensive business coaching... It's a group of accountability partners, wise business owners and successful entrepreneurs known as a Mastermind Group.

Any question that you could possibly have about your business will be answered in a mastermind! The support is absolutely mind-blowing. You get to share your own story and learn from other people's, ask questions, get feedback and join collaborations (which expand the reach of your business). Many of them also come with extensive training libraries full of courses and resources about everything biz related.

Once I joined my first mastermind, everything changed for me.

I went from trying to figure everything out of my own, to having an instant family that was there to encourage me to take the next step with confidence.

A lot of mastermind groups are just for women (and I'm in a few of them!) Personally I'm not into gender separation and I have found the all-women groups to be just as useful as the groups that are open to everyone. I just thought that I should warn you as some of the following groups don't accept men (but some of them do!)


Free Masterminds

There aren't all that many free masterminds around that aren't just a spam-fest, but there are a few.

Most of the free groups are run by someone that ultimately wants to sell you something, but that's not always a bad thing. It's better to go for a group that has boundaries and moderators so that you're not just getting bombarded with promotions from the members. Here are some that I recommend (they're all Facebook Groups)


Authentic Connecting - This is a beautiful community of business souls, run by the gorgeous Jodi Chapman. She runs a thread on Monday, Wednesday and Friday that will help you to connect with other people, get shares and likes on your profiles and blog posts and find people to collaborate with. This is a sacred place to connect with others. Join Authentic Connecting here.


Dexterous Divas and Dudes - This is a really active group run by Jo Gifford. A great place to share ideas, get feedback and find answers to your questions. Join Dexterous Divas and Dudes here.


Magical Business Academy Playground (Women Only) - This is an open and supportive group run by the ultra-sweet Gena & Jordana. In the group they share lots of free resources and ideas as well as encourage discussion. Join Magical Business Academy Playground here.


Paid Masterminds

Every dollar you spend comes back to you with paid masterminds, it steps up from being just a bunch of people having a chat about business to a learning community that is devoted to supporting one another and creating a dream lifestyle. As you move up to a paid group, not only are you validating the value of your life and your business, but you're gaining the privilege of being surrounded by other people that are experiencing true success.

There's nothing like it. These are the paid masterminds that I love and recommend...


Leonie Dawson's Shining Academy (women only)

The Shining Academy (formerly the Amazing Biz + Life Academy) was the first mastermind I ever joined and it's probably had the biggest impact on my business than anything else that I've done (and I'm still a member!) I feel so connected to Leonie, she is young, spirited, a little bit crazy and she swears like a mofo! Personality aside though…. she knows her stuff! And she transparently shares all of her struggles, wisdom and finances from within her own million dollar business.

She has a large library of courses for both personal development and business advancement. I owe much of my early business success and confidence (to keep going and not give up) to Leonie's Business Goddess Course. She has something for those of us at any level in business.

The Shining Academy Community is the greatest online gathering of legends that I've ever seen! If I have a question or issue, it doesn't matter if it's personal or technical, the academy sisters always have the right answer for me. It is the most supportive group that I've ever been a part of, made up of a community of open-hearted spirits.


Nathalie Lussier's Headquarters Insider (women only)

You might remember me talking about how Nathalie is my s-hero, yeah well she's pretty incredible. After doing her 30 Day List Building Challenge and gobbling up all of her amazing free resources, I did Nathalie's Course, Launch It and Profit and joined the Heartquarters Insider in 2013.

Nathalie is a technical genius! Her tutorials for things like setting up Google Analytics have helped me learn things that were confronting and overwhelming! She's a qualified software engineer (I guess that explains a few things) so she's got the right answer to just about every tech question imaginable AND she know's what she's talking about when it comes to copywriting, marketing, launching and sales. She also offers a massive library of really helpful courses and resources.

The very best thing about Heartquarters Insider is that you get direct access to Nathalie pretty much daily. She will jump in and answer your questions personally and point you in the right direction. Never have I worked with someone so attentive and willing to devote herself to helping others.

Heartquarters Insider attracts women at many different stages in their business but it's a daily occurrence to see the group members kicking major goals. The community is active in the online community and proactive when they're offline. You can't help but be inspired and motivated!



I've talked about the Fizzle podcast and blog before but the Fizzle mastermind goes above and beyond. To become a "Fizzler" is to enter into a pact where you agree get off your butt and do what it takes to live your dream, and support others to do the same. The Fizzle guys tie together the technical-how-to's and the passionate-spirit that's required to be successful in business, and they get the balance just right. Fizzle will teach you everything you need to know to get your business up and running, and then constantly growing.

The Fizzle forums are a nice break from the many Facebook-based groups out there, as they have a stand-alone membership site which, amazingly, everybody logs into and participates in. It can be hard work to get a crowd happing on a site that ISN'T social media, but Fizzle does it with ease. Why? Because the community cares about your success, the founders are active in the forums and actually take to time to provide you with individual feedback about your ideas, and there's always something to be inspired by.

I haven't even talked about Fizzle's high-quality training yet!  The Fizzle training library is full of amazing courses that you can dive into at your leisure. Whether you want to learn how to connect better with your subscribers, create a podcast with no prior experience or write a blog post that will change the lives of your readers, Fizzle has a course for you.


So, if you're thinking about joining a paid mastermind group, these are my top 3.

Which online communities are you a part of?


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