Is It Possible To Be Spiritual & Rebellious?

Is It Possible To Be Spiritual AND copy I used to think that the two were mutually exclusive but now the line of distinction is becoming foggy, blurred and wavy...

Now just to clarify… when I say "spiritual", yes, I'm talking about meditation but also about self-discovery, growth and healing. And when I'm talking about being "rebellious", I'm not talking about being a "criminal". Big difference. For me, rebellion is about forging your own path, making your own choices about what is cool to you, based on your own experience of the world and not anyone else's. It's about questioning "rules" rather than just accepting them because they are there.

I'd love to know what your definition of "rebellious" is, leave me a comment. But read this first...

Looking back I can see that I was always naturally drawn to both spirituality and rebellion. In fact the more spiritual I became, the more rebellious I was. And that wasn't because I was high on the good stuff (well maybe a little) it was because I was stepping more confidently into myself through my spiritual practice and beginning to own my rebellious nature rather than judging it as bad or something that I should be embarrassed about.

My rebellion has always alienated me. People who enjoy being part of the crowd don't want to be seen with someone that is questioning the norm (or questioning the boss). So I was dubbed the weirdo from the start. I actually didn't mind at all because I didn't really want to hang with 'the crowd' anyway. So we both accepted the discomfort that arose in each other's company and mostly just avoided it all together.

I did have moments where I wished that I fit in. On occasion I wished that I owned a TV so that I could talk to the people in my office about the same mundane shit that they talked to each other about. But you really can't beat that feeling you get during that awkward silence that arises when you tell someone that you don't watch TV. There is nothing else like it. Try it. Even if it isn't true.

So, one day in my early 20's I rocked my punk-ass to a meditation class and at first 'the crowd' there responded to my rebellious energy like a bad smell. But the facilitator was the most nonjudgmental person I had ever come across. She looked into my eyes. She listened to me talk. She hugged me with genuine tenderness (and didn't withhold any of it because of how I looked). She beamed love.

It dawned on me that she was also a rebel. You see, it's "normal" to judge and criticize others, but she had forged her own path towards acceptance of everyone and everything. I wanted what she was having! So, I committed to learning everything I could from her. I spoke honestly and uncensored with her and she just beamed love at me. I paid her for healing and therapy sessions where she taught me that it didn't matter what other people thought of me and that it was ok for me to stop hating everyone. She was right.

I soon learnt that the crowd of middle-aged meditation ladies were super judgey and complained all the time, but the facilitator accepted them unconditionally, the same way that she did me. I went to the meditation class initially to help with my anxiety but I didn't expect to learn so much from a woman who at the time I judged quite harshly as an airy-fairy, woo-woo, mystical-dolphin-loving, angel-whisperer. But she was the most interesting person that I'd ever met at that point in my life.

Love was her rebellion.

The more I healed, let go and ascended my energy, the more comfortable I was in my own skin. And the more comfortable I became, the more I allowed ALL parts of me to exist, including my rebellious nature. But now, instead of hating authority and questioning everything with cynicism, I rebelled without hostility. In my own unique subversion, I forged ahead in total acceptance of who I was, both spiritual and rebellious, and many other things all together and I still am today.

As more people like me embrace their natural rebellious spirit and grow their spiritual side at the same time, the more we can blur that line and instead of having to 'switch hats'  depending on where we are, we can simply allow the two natural states to co-exist peacefully and perfectly.

I'd love to hear from you. Are you spiritual? Rebellious? Do you find it easy to be both?

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