I'm a good Mother (and so are you)


www.naomigoodlet.com I'm far from perfect but I'm not afraid to admit that I do a pretty good job of raising my daughter, especially considering that my husband is out of the house for around 11 hours a day, I have no family supports nearby and I run a successful business. It can be difficult to say that you're good at something, even just to yourself! It's generally not the 'done thing' to declare publicly that you're good at anything, but I'm not going to let that stop me. SO many women doubt their abilities as parents and are forever making negative comments about themselves or questioning their decisions.

What if all of them realised how amazing they actually are?

That's you, I'm talking about, incredible mama! You and me and all of us. Regardless of whatever 'bad mother' stuff we've got going on, I'll bet that we've all got this in common:

We love and care for our children and want life to be great for them.

We do the best we can to be present, attentive and caring with our children with the resources, time, energy and abilities we've got.

That there makes you a kick-ass woman!

Raising children is rewarding and great fun, but it can also be physically and emotionally exhausting! Let's just take a minute to acknowledge the enormity of that! Some days I'm tired, cranky, short-tempered but there's never any doubt about my devotion and love for my gorgeous one.

And my 'bad' parenting doesn't end there... Sometimes I feed my daughter biscuits for lunch and watch TV all afternoon. Sometimes I get frustrated when she demands my attention while I'm trying to get something done. Sometimes I send her to childcare so that I can catch up on yoga  or visit a friend. Other times I drift off in my mind thinking about my business while we're playing at the park.

But, I'm still taking her to the damn park! For all my lazy/distracted parenting methods, there are hours and hours of attentive play, teaching, adventures, hugs and loving care. I think that at-home-mums really just need to give ourselves a break, acknowledge that we're going an amazing job and let go of mummy guilt!


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