How To Heal Your Aching Soul - And Learn To Love Your Life

How To Heal Your Aching Soul And Learn To Love Your Life  

Days drift by. You do what is required of you. You do what you need to do to survive. But your soul yearns… For something different, something it hasn't experienced yet, something more. You're not ungrateful for your blessings in life, but deep inside there's a sense of longing without a clear path of how to satisfy it. Or maybe you're certain of what you want, what needs to change to soothe your soul, but it's  j u s t  out of reach. This longing manifests in your life as dissatisfaction, unhappiness, confusion, frustration and you chronically changing your mind… because if you could just uncover that. one. thing. to fix you, to heal your soul, you could finally be happy with life as it is.


Warning: tough love coming. 


Sometimes we need to hit the bottom before we can bounce back, and heal.


So, what if there is no miracle cure? No magic pill or fantastical switch you can flick to make your troubles disappear?


I hear your mind right now…. but, but, but, I'm. So. Close!.. to finding it, to getting it. 


I'm here to lovingly tell you that there's a high chance that you're never going to find it.


Naomi, don't be so negative now. I thought you were meant to be helping me!


My intention IS to help you, my love… but I can't perform magic any better than you.  I'm not saying that miraculous healing doesn't sometimes take place, or that large cash injections don't sometimes fall into our laps.


Miracles do happen, but sitting around waiting for one is kinda like wasting your life.


I don't want that for you. 


Hope is one thing. But putting your happiness on hold until you find the magic key to unlocking your life does NOTHING to enrich your life right now.


I know how hard this can be to hear. I know how strong that yearning is. I know how tightly you've been grasping onto this dream, and I'm not suggesting that you let it go completely.



No, I'm just asking you to take an honest look at what this is doing to your life, loosen the grip a tiny bit and HEAL YOUR SOUL, so that all it yearns for is this moment right now. 

Instead of waiting (sometimes endlessly) for a life you love to one day come along, I'll help you to come from love and then let your soul come alive every day.

It's time to take a look in the mirror and peer inside your soul, dear one.

If you're not ready, that's OK, come back when you are.

Take a deep breath. Summon your courage. Ponder these powerful questions. Let your answers flow from within...


1) What is truly stopping be from being happy now?

In all truth, nothing and no-one can dictate your mood besides you. If you get stuck on an answer to this question, ask yourself further "Even though I feel unhappy about x (insert your stuck thing here), could it be possible for me to experience moments of happiness or even just neutrality in my life?"

If a "Yes" emerges, then move on.

**If you're really stuck here my love, then you can read on if you wish but it concerns me that you're not able to experience any joy at all in your life. Please seek help from a loving, professional support person. Life can be better, I promise… and it's ok to accept help, I did.


2) If you were to miraculously discover/acquire that missing ingredient to life that you feel your soul calling for, would you then be 100% content and nourished for the remainder of your life?

None of us can resist the idea of a fairy tale ending…. but, your responsibilities, challenges and in some instances pain and struggle are likely to remain in your life regardless of any miraculous change.

It's easy to look at your missing ingredient as the thing that will become your saviour, the answer to your prayers, but, what if it only provides temporary relief to this longing within you?? Isn't it better to heal your soul now, so that you may enjoy each moment from now on unconditionally??

(you might even find that realigning yourself to feel more joyous now helps you to attract and manifest more health, joy and abundance to you in the process.)

Get a "No" on this one? It's OK. This is a hard but necessary realisation. If you're struggling to accept this reality, try this or this.

There is only one way to go from here, and that's up.


3) If I was truly confident, healthy, peaceful, loved, successful and supported, what would I say to myself? And what could I achieve?

Big stuff here. Write it down. If the words are flowing, turn the page and keep going!

Reflect on what you've discovered and ask yourself, "Can I achieve any of this now?" + "Can I talk to myself this way now?"

Find at least 1 thing that you can do today. Start talking kindly to yourself and acting as if you have let go of your challenges. The more you do this, the more your soul will begin to Crave Right Now and stop fantasising about a magical-quick-fix.


Your life is happening RIGHT NOW!

THIS is what your soul should be yearning for.

The more that you begin to Crave Right Now, the more you'll be aligning with the vibration of joy, success and abundance, bringing more into your life!

Practice connecting and aligning with your ideal self using this meditation

Wounds, cells, souls. They take time to heal. Commit to yearning for today and feel your soul come alive for each precious moment!

Want to go deeper? Find out about how to Crave Right Now.


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