How The Worthy-In-30 Idea Came About



Worthy-In-30 was born out of one thing and one thing only... trying to stop myself from unknowingly sabotaging my own life due to my own limiting beliefs.


I could observe my self-sabotage (usually in hindsight) but I had no idea how to fix it.


Not sure what I mean by sabotage? I'll break it down for you...


My sabotage issues were related to money, success, friendships and love (all the big stuff!)

Whenever I would experience anything positive in these areas, something negative would crop up randomly to bring me down in the form of illness, plans changing, unexpected bills, stress or conflict with loved ones.


When I started noticing the pattern to it, it was obvious to me that this was more than just a coincidence!


I used to think of sabotage as a conscious thing that someone would do to manipulate their life or someone else's, but now I know it as something that is unintentional and mostly subconscious.


It happens without my awareness, and I'm only able to see it for what it is, after I've already sabotaged my life.


...Like that time that I received a $4000 tax payment unexpectedly, then two days later I had an allergic reaction to a tick bite, (which has never happened before) resulting in a visit from the paramedics!

Then the following week I got sick with a nasty flu which lasted for 3 weeks and caused me to cancel an event (losing money), miss out on a gig that I had already bought a ticket for (losing money and time with friends) and feeling stressed and fearful about how long I was going to feel so terrible (basically a waste on my life.)


So, yes, I DID attract that money fair and square and I DID truly want it, but deep down I was operating with a belief that I didn't deserve it. That I wasn't worthy of it, so subconsciously I did everything within my power to bring myself back down to the level of money/health/joy that I was used to.

See where I'm going now?


You might have also heard this issue referred to as an upper-limit-problem, meaning that you only believe you are worthy of a certain amount of love, money, respect etc. and once you go beyond that level, you (your ego) unknowingly do everything within your power to bring your level back to a place that feels comfortable.


I could see how this pattern was playing out for me, but I didn't know what to do about it. I started seeking answers... I read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, which is all about the upper limit problem, which is a massively insightful book, but unfortunately didn't provide any useful ideas for a practical solution to my problem.


Then I watched Marie Forleo's self-sabotage episode, which was good, but her only advice was to "adjust your upper limit" and to use the affirmation from The Big Leap book! Not exactly a how-to!

I wanted to actually create change in my life, I needed more!


Frustrated, I took matters into my own hands. I considered what I might say to a client coming to me with this problem... and I realised that I know how to deconstruct negative beliefs!!

It's my job! (sometimes, I'm not able to extract my own wisdom to apply to my own life, it's much easier when working with someone else!)


So I got busy pulling apart my negative beliefs, and when it came time to create some new, positive beliefs, I kept coming back to affirmations, in particular, affirmations that have a specific focus on being worthy of something which I had previously been blocking.

Worth In 30 affirmations

So as I created these affirmations, Worthy In 30 was born... and I realised that I wasn't the only person who needed an overhaul like this.


We all need to be reminded of our own worth, it's far too easy to forget.


I invite you to join me for an experiment in self-belief, an opportunity to feel worthy and even to know that you are worthy without doubt, without fear and without the need to sabotage yourself!

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