How INVINCIBLE came to be

Introducing-10 copy 2 Creating the INVINCIBLE e-course with the gorgeous Tahlee Rouillon has been such an amazing process. It began when Tahlee had an intuitive urge to contact me about creating something to do with mindfulness back in April 2014.

When we came together to figure out what we would create, we realized that mindfulness is the solution to many problems but as we drilled down and asked questions, we discovered the main problem that our clients face… commitment, follow-through, being unwavering throughout challenges and staying on track.

This was bigger than mindfulness.

We knew that we had opened up an idea with tremendous power to change lives (including our own) and we set to work on creating it.

We tossed around different name ideas but none of them were “the one”. It wasn't flowing easily to us when we were trying to have ideas. We decided to trust that the perfect name would emerge at the right time. Then one evening, the word “Invincible” floated into my mind and I felt my cells buzz with excitement, this was “the one”.

When we discussed the price, both of us said the same thing at the same time, "we want to make this affordable". Both of us have paid MUCH MUCH more for programs that really didn't teach us much and certainly didn't change our lives. We wanted to make a big impact for a low price. We chose a price that is less than it would cost for an hour of our time 1-on-1 because we want you to see the value, we want you to take action, we want you to prioritize your wellness and put yourself first.

Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that you are worth spending money on. We're hoping that a low price tag will make it just a little bit easier for you to believe.

We gave ourselves an ambitious goal to launch the course in mid-August and started hustling to make it happen but things just kept getting in our way, preventing us from achieving the momentum that we would have liked. Both of us began to feel the pressure of the impending date and called an emergency Skype date.

We decided to push the date back two whole months! This might seem like overkill but it just felt so right.

Suddenly both of us r e l a x e d and opened up. Instead of forcing out content, I just stood back and let it flow through me. The entire process felt guided, channeled and easy, like it was truly meant to be. We felt like we were changing lives as we created rather that just charging towards a deadline.

As it turns out that the content was in fact completed in mid-August but there was never any remorse from Tahlee or I for pushing the date back. We didn’t want to feel rushed or frazzled as we wrote and created, so again we just trusted that the timing was totally right. This gave us time to edit, test and work on other things without feeling stressed or overloaded.

We're sure that the timing of the course will be right for those who choose enroll too!

Looking back it has truly been a blissful and intuitive journey to bring INVINCIBLE into the world and now it is time to set it free and let it weave it's magic through your life too. I'm excited, nervous, thrilled and positive. I'd love for you to take part.

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