Get Off The Bandwagon


We've all tried to get on or stay on a bandwagon at one stage or another... whether it be to stick to a sugar-free diet, to do yoga every day or whatever your personal "bandwagon" is all about, you've all fought the hard fight to stay on that bumpy ride, only to feel disappointed when you fall off, usually pointing the blame at yourself.

And then what happens? You feel so down on yourself about falling off the wagon that you eat two muffins for afternoon tea and skip yoga for a week.

And let me tell you, once you're off the wagon, it's a steep climb to get back on (and that's before the pressure to stay there sets in again).

I'm proposing a change in perspective... what if trying to stay on the bandwagon is precisely what causes you to fall off? Making a big life change can be hard, and it's even harder when you've got all this added pressure to STAY ON THE WAGON.

Maybe, secretly you know that once you fall off, you're unlikely to find the discipline and gusto to get back up again, or maybe you feel so disappointed in yourself that you decide that it's just not worth trying to change. I know that feeling!

The problem isn't with changing, it's with the idea that you have to get it right the first time and stay on the bandwagon for every waking moment.

Screw the bandwagon.

What if instead, you expected stumbles and failures along your journey?

When you admit to yourself that it won't always be easy or doable, you take the pressure off, and that way when you experience a setback, you know that it's safe to keep going - there's no painful "fall" to try and avoid. You can just get up and keep going.

And sure, sometimes you truly won't get to practice yoga for a week, but without the added guilt, pressure and perfectionism of the bandwagon, taking action towards your goal will be easier than ever when you're ready to get moving again.

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