FUN-VID Friday: Nirvana - In Bloom











I've been diving into some classics recently and January is turning into a celebration of the 90's! Last week I spoke about how Sabotage by Beastie Boys was one of the funniest videos I'd ever seen up until then and it turns out that I hadn't seen In Bloom yet even though it was released 2 years earlier.

In fact I didn't see this clip until the late 90's (admittedly I had never heard of Nirvana until after Kurt Cobain had died). It's cute, it's funny and then they trash the stage wearing dresses! HA.

It's 3 fine young men from Seattle. It's Nirvana!

Did you see this when it first came out?

This will be the last Friday Fun-Vid for a while as I'm taking on a few more writing projects but don't worry, it will be back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! x