FUN-VID Friday: Beastie Boys - Sabotage













Can we all just take a moment to remember how cool this video and song is!

It's fucken iconic! This song reminds me of hanging out with my older brother when I was probably just a little bit too young for hiphop (or whatever you want to call Beastie Boys' music).

When I stayed up late to watch Rage one night, I saw this video for the first time and I was in LOVE. Clips of this era were very serious yet here were BB taking the absolute piss out of themselves (and 70's cop shows). I didn't realise that music videos could be funny before I saw this. And it set the scene for so many more hilarious videos to follow over the next few years.

I guess we have Spike Jonze to thank.


What do you think? What are your memories of this song?