Find Out What Your Soul Wants You To Know


  Do you want to tune into your soul, understand its messages, and develop your intuition? It's easy if you learn how! But first you need to know that ...


Your soul is restricted in how it can communicate with you.


Your soul does not have a voice that you can hear.


Your soul cannot speak with words.


Your soul wants to keep you safe and well.

The problem is that the soul has no voice, but in its quest for ultimate health and wellbeing, uses whatever means possible to convey its message, the main avenues being,intuitive nudges, physical manifestations of symptoms or illness, cryptic, symbolic messages in dreams your and real-life wake-up calls.


Let's dive deeper into each of the ways that your soul communicates with you.


1) Intuitive guidance

If you've been practicing your intuitive skills, and have opened yourself up to the urges of your soul, then you'll be lucky enough to use this guidance to help you make choices in your life.


Practice listening to your inner wisdom, make space for the messages to appear, listen with an open heart.


If your inner voice is quiet, don't despair. Work on developing your intuition and take note of the other signs that your soul is sending you.


2) Your body

When you start to awaken your receptive ability and tune in to the messages of your soul, the first place you'll start to notice subtle messages will likely be your body.


Do you have pain, illness or symptoms that seem as though they're trying to get your attention?

They are! All you have to do is decipher the pattern to it.


Observe your body, notice its quirks, its discomfort, its anxieties. Notice what's happening when your shoulder pain creeps in. Notice how you feel when your tummy feels unsettled. Notice how you feel when you think you're being nudged in the right direction.


Observe, experiment and you'll start to see the connection between body and soul.

(If you're completely baffled about your physical symptoms, I can help you go deeper and figure it out!)


3) Dreams

Dreams can provide you with a useful insight into your soul's messages for you.


The primary function of dreaming is to convert new information to memory, but the soul knows how to infiltrate your dreams to give you the messages that you need to hear, only in cryptic form!


This means that the message the subconscious wants to share is bound by the rules that the brain has dictated for dreaming. No wonder your dreams are cryptic!


So, yes, your soul desperately wants to communicate with you, but in the dream context, the message might not make much sense!


Like with your body, take note of everything you can, notice patterns and symbols and you will start to put the messages together.



4) Your circumstances/projections

When your soul starts sending messages out into the world around you then it's time to pay attention!


Do you keep finding yourself in undesirable situations?


Maybe, you have a conflict with a co-worker, you receive a speeding fine in the mail, you and your partner start bickering at each other for no apparent reason, or you get given an impossible deadline at work.


This is your soul sending you a wake up call! It's your responsibility to decipher its message.


When you look a little deeper, ask yourself, "what could this situation be about?" Acceptance? Forgiveness? Healing? Taking a deeper look at yourself? Letting go?


If the reason for this soul message isn't obvious to you, take a note of it, get curious about it, collect data on it, and before too long, a pattern will rise to the surface.


If you're feeling hazy or confused about you soul messages, then don't be afraid to get some help to kick-start your soul-communication.


Once you learn to understand the messages from your soul, you can take on its advice, instigate positive change and fast-track your personal development!


How do you receive messages from your soul?