Feel grateful for what you have

Today I'm inviting you to feel grateful for what you have. You might want something different or something more than what you have but that doesn't mean that you can't experience the joy of gratitude right now.

Last week I noticed that I'd fallen in to a trap of focussing on everything that was 'wrong' with my life, stressing about things that were unfinished and allowing myself to get distressed by things that were completely out of my control. I was struggling to notice how incredible my life is and over the weekend I was determined to change that around.

I began by feeling grateful for my comfortable home and beautiful surroundings, my family and my car etc. and then I filtered down to the little everyday miracles like breathing, digesting, moving and sunshine!

I'm been on a bliss-cloud ever since. Nothing in my life has changed apart from my mindset and I feel totally amazing.

Yesterday I spent the whole day offline, engaging in the present moment, playing with my daughter and loving my life!

What can you find gratitude for today?

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