Connect To Your Spirit Guides


A Spirit Guide is pretty much any type of positive and helpful spiritual being that supports you in any way. These beings can include angels, ascended masters, archangels, ancestors, fairies, elementals, interdimensional beings, gods, goddesses, or members of your soul family (or any other kind of being!) Spirit guides are committed to gently supporting you towards the path of healing, growth and love. Many of your guides will be around you day and night, but others will pop in only during times when you need them.

When I was pregnant, I had a mother-spirit angel alongside me at every moment. She stayed close to me, keeping my spirits strong and helping me to feel protected and safe right up until a few weeks after my daughter was born. Her purpose was to see me through my pregnancy, birth and first few weeks with a newborn. Once I no longer needed that from her, she said goodbye and left.

I've heard about many people seeing angels and guides during traumatic experiences like car accidents, operations, severe injuries or imprisonment. My belief is that these guides step in to help us during our time of need, and then leave us once we have recovered and no longer need them.

It can be tricky to uncover a huge amount of information about these temporary guides, so if you become aware of them, just be grateful for their presence and their support. In regards to your life-long guides, you will have more opportunities throughout your life to get to know them. I've created the visualisation below for this very reason.

Your guides operate under the laws of free will, meaning that they cannot step in to assist you unless you ask them to and invoke their support. Be sure that you connect to your guides regularly by asking for them to help you make choices that are for your highest good. You can also request that your guides make their presence known to you by sending you messages (like seeing certain numbers, animal messengers or beautiful sunsets, etc.)

You might already be aware of one or a few of your guides. Whether you're already familiar with some of the guide who travel alongside you, or whether you've got no idea at all about your guides just yet, this exercise below will give you an insight into at least one guide who is working with you right now.

This track guides you to travel to the angelic realm to receive a healing and to come face to face with one of your guides and to get to know them more deeply. Try it free below.




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