Connect To Your Inner Child


During this practice you will travel back in time to connect with your inner child.

This meditation guides you to build a bond with your inner child and invite him or her to express his/her fears with you as well as deliver you a message that you need to hear now as an adult.

What's to gain by connecting to your inner child?


Your inner child holds the key to unlocking and healing many of your adult habits, patterns of thinking and stumbling blocks.

When children hear repeated messages from authority figures and family members they can translate them into unhelpful beliefs and fears in adults.

A child who is told that "children should be seen and not heard" could grow up to believe that they are not allowed to speak out about their beliefs, fear being reprimanded for telling the truth and develop habits for lying and exaggerating, or even feel as though they are unworthy of love.

Children who experience trauma or abuse of any kind are likely to have learnt to cope by internalising pain or operating with a firm belief that the abuse was somehow their own fault.

Childhood suffering can hang around an adult in the form of self-doubt (or hatred), depression, anxiety, weight gain, stress, anger, intimacy issues, addiction or pretty much any other kind of dysfunction.

Even seemingly minor challenges from childhood or things that didn't feel like a big deal at the time can have a lasting impact on an adult.

When you develop a relationship with your inner child you open up the potential for deep healing, allowing you to let go of unhelpful beliefs and habits that originated in childhood.

This healing practice is meant to be an introduction to the inner child concept and help to develop a bond between your adult self and your child self, to make future healing work easier and smoother.

Try the inner child practice below.

This is the first of many audios that I plan to release exploring the inner child concept. 

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