7 Easy Ways To Clear Energy Blocks

7 Easy Ways To Clear Stuck Energy  

You know that something is about to shift but you're not quite sure how to clear it.


Sometimes it feels heavy or painful and other times it feels as if there's something big just beneath the surface, ready to jump out and cause trouble...

And that's exactly what stuck energy will do if you don't clear it.


When your energy is blocked, every part of your life is affected. Your health, your emotions, your finances, your relationships and of course - your energy levels!!


If you're feeling stuck, tired, blocked or even confused about which direction to go in, try one (or all) of these tips for clearing your energy!


1) Breathe

Deep, slow, intentional breathing will draw in more oxygen to your body and get energy blocks moving. Regular deep breathing practice will help you feel clear everyday and will chip away at old, long-term blocks too.

If you want to shift some crap, that's ready-to-go, start taking some deep breaths and breathe-it-out! This conscious breathing exercise is a good place to start!

2) Exercise

Sitting still and breathing is good, but exercising is even better. Any exercise that gets your heart rate going will naturally cause your breathing to be deeper and more productive at shifting sticky energy.

The great thing about exercise is that when your blood is pumping, your body is in the process of eliminating toxins and cleansing itself naturally. Stuck energy cannot remain in a healthy body.


3) Consume Water & Raw Food

Water helps toxins and blocked energy release from the body and flow out naturally. Most of us don't drink enough water, so if you're feeling blocked, invite more water into your life.

I'm not a raw food junkie at all, but I do notice the difference in my energy when I have a salad or mandarin for a snack instead of a bag of chips or a slice of cake. I'm not suggesting a complete raw food diet, just the addition of more food that's in it's natural state, particularly fruit and veggies that have a high water content.

If you're dealing with some crap energy that you just can't get rid of, eating unhealthy food is only going to keep it where it is. If you want to get back into your body/energy flow, then switch to healthy snacks and meals until you feel clearer - it won't take long!


4) Cry

You might think that crying is negative or that if you're feeling sad that you couldn't possibly be clearing energy, but trust me when I say that - a good cry is a great cleanse!

And not all crying is sad. I cry when babies are born pretty much every time I watch Call The Midwife (love that show.) … and even if you are feeling sad, crying means that you're honouring your feelings, allowing the sadness to be real, showing your true self and letting energy FLOW.

Your sadness wants to be dealt with and acknowledged, not held in and ignored. I love it when a TV show, book or story pulls at my heart strings. I use it as an opportunity to let my tears (and energy blocks) flow.

If you're crying all the time and don't feel better or lighter, then take it as a sign that you might need a change (different routine/diet/activities/beliefs or maybe help from someone else) in order to feel happier.


5) Connect With Nature

Fresh air, moving water, vibrant colour, the sound of wind, birds and insects. I don't know how or why, but getting into nature changes you, it connects you with the world, it grounds you and it heals you.

You don't need to try to be healed, you just need to get outside, breath the wild air and allow your senses to bring you into the present moment. 

If you have time try out this Mindfulness in nature exercise.

6) Meditate & Visualise

Meditation practice will still your mind, relax your body and put a stop to any unhelpful habits that are perpetuating your blocked energy.

Meditate with the intention of seeking stillness rather than trying to force your blockage out.

You can use a guided visualisation to perform a self-healing on your energy too!


7) See A Healer

If you're not having any luck shifting your energy on your own, then a session with a healer will definitely help!

During my recovery from anxiety, I was having regular sessions with a spiritual healer which helped me to overcome my disorder and also cope with the stresses of day-to-day life!

These days, I'm pretty good at keeping my energy in check but I still call in the pros from time to time to help with a big shift!


How do you know when your energy is stuck? What techniques work for you?

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