My 5 Favourite Free Biz Resources

When I first shifted my counselling business from the spare room in my house to the online world in 2012 I had a LOT to learn. I had a new baby and and plenty of (sleep deprived, zombie-a-fied) time while my daughter slept to trawl the web for the best free resources. Here's my list of the best blogs, mailing lists, youtube channels and resources that I came across during that time...



1) Firepole Marketing

I cannot even begin to explain how much I learnt from the guys at Firepole. I listened to every one of their podcasts and attended their webinars. I learnt to craft my unique selling proposition (USP) and I learnt a stack about how to use social media and email for my business. Get on their stuff. They have heaps of really good free resources.



2) Nathalie Lussier

Nathalie is basically my hero. I was following her from the early days. She now has YEARS worth of incredibly valuable resources about running a business, both online and offline. Get on her email list and check out her YouTube channel for the coolest tutorials and tips.

If your business is up and running then I highly recommend her 30 Day List-Building Challenge and to give you some ideas on how to expand your reach and find your tribe. I've done it 3 times!



3) Marie Forleo

Marie's tips were massively helpful for me when I was first starting out. Her quirky style isn't for everyone but her teachings (especially her older videos and blog posts) solve many of the problems that new business owners face. Her community is highly engaged, you can expect full on discussions in her blog and Facebook comments.

If you decide to enrol in her annual program, Bschool then you'll basically get a complete overview of everything that you need to get started and succeed in any type of business.



4) Problogger

The Problogger site blog is an invaluable resource. They run free webinars on a wide range of topics and the Problogger backlog of articles is an ocean of knowledge about the art of writing a blog either as your main business or as a complimentary offering to your main biz.

Problogger also run really fun live events around Australia.



5) Fizzle

Corbett and Chase at Fizzle have taught me a ton of business stuff, but more importantly, they've taught me how to share my most authentic self in my business and strive to be the best that I can be. These guys are different. They challenge you to bring spirit and purpose into your work and make it mean something.

Do yourself a favour and get on their mailing list. They release a podcast every week which is a fixture in my life. It's 50% shit-talking and in-jokes and 50% highly potent and implementable biz wisdom. Do it.


What are your favourite free business resources?


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