Why Affirmations Work and How To Use Them

Why Affirmations Work and How To Use Them  

Affirmations might seem like empty, wishful thinking driven by greed and dissatisfaction, but I believe that affirmations and mantras can change absolutely everything!


I've used affirmations to achieve goals, align with joy, heal my body, shed limiting beliefs and to remind me of what truly matters. 


Again and again, I see my clients making big progress with affirmations too! Here's why...


* Affirmations remind you of what you truly desire


Throughout your day it can be really easy to forget about and detach from your desired feelings, your goals and aspirations.


Committing to using an affirmation as a mantra throughout your day will remind you to realign with what you truly want.



* Affirmations align you with good feelings


Reciting an affirmation makes you feel good!


It can remind you of everything that you have to be grateful for, or it can fill you with hope and positive expectation.


Most of us don't actually feel good as our default setting, so using an affirmation can increase the amount of time in our lives that we actually feel good.


* Affirmations override limiting beliefs


As you work with your affirmation, it becomes second nature to you.


Over time your affirmation will start to chip away at your limiting beliefs and will eventually override them altogether!



* Affirmations affect your brain, your body and your cells


As you recite your affirmation, you're influencing your core beliefs, you're changing your brain and teaching your cells how to heal.


Using affirmations as a regular part of your day will slowly but surely make big changes that will ripple out into your life.


Here are 3 different ways to use affirmations...


1) As a permanent visual cue


Write down your affirmation, print it out and stick it somewhere that you will see it often.


Every time you glance at your affirmation it will remind you to recite it and realign with your intentions.


Popular places to stick up your affirmations include, the bathroom mirror, the fridge, the back of the front door and the kettle.


2) As an alarm or reminder


You might like to find an affirmation app, try my Worthy In 30 affirmation journey, or even just set an alarm or reminder on your phone or computer that sends your affirmation into your view several times a day.

3) As a mantra


Memorise your affirmation and use it as a mantra that you repeat.


You can set aside some time to formally sit down and repeat your mantra, or you can run it through your mind like a song playing in the background as you go about your day.


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