A quick tip to overcome stress, discomfort or unpleasant feelings


When unwelcome feelings show up it can be tempting to avoid them or try and push them away but unfortunately that's just going to set you up for future problems. You see, if you form a habit of avoidance then you'll never break the cycle and you'll end up being "owned" by your feelings. In other words, by trying to get rid of your feelings, you actually give away your power to them. If you have time for a 10 minute exercise then I recommend my expansion and self compassion exercise to practice accepting feelings and allowing them to be present without fighting with them.

I understand that it's not always convenient to sit down and complete a formal exercise so here's a quick tip that you can bring with you anywhere and apply in just a few seconds whenever you need it.

Remember, the objective isn't to get rid of the feeling but simply to fill yourself with love and direct your attention to that instead.

What uninvited feelings do you commonly struggle with? Leave a comment and let me know.


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