5 Ways To Become A Little Bit Psychic

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I always wanted to be psychic, to be able to see the future, read minds and receive divine messages. I do believe that there are some people that have a natural psychic ability. Not you? I wasn't born with any special psychic talents either.

There's still hope for us though! Anyone can develop their own psychic abilities a little, or even a lot.

When I talk about being "psychic" I guess what I really mean is to be intuitive and connected. To listen to yourself, take direction from your heart, and download wisdom direct from the universe. I taught myself how to do it, and you can too!

Here's my top 5 tips for getting started.


1) Make space for messages to appear

Get out of your own way a little bit. Stop over thinking. Stop trying. Just make space.

When I rocked up to my first ever healing circle, I was instructed to send healing energy to the person sitting in the middle. Easy. I followed the instructions, let the love flow and just made space for healing to take place.

During the VERY FIRST healing circle I ever went to, I started to receive psychic visions. Out of nowhere, without even trying, strange cryptic message started downloading to me for each person that I made space for.

Let go of expectations and just be. You might not start receiving straight away as I did, but don't give up. Creating sacred space is absolutely essential for allowing your psychic abilities to grow and flourish!


2) Tune in

The most important skill that I learnt during my spiritual healers training in 2006 was how to tune in to people. When you really connect with someone's energy, you see beyond their words, you peek inside their soul, and most importantly, you can pick up on things that the person cannot see for themselves.

Practice tuning in on a willing subject, in-person is easier to begin with (but not essential.) Start with step 1, make space. Let thoughts and expectations go. Then just observe. If thoughts pop into your mind, just gently release them and re-tune. Take mental notes about what you're seeing, feeling and experiencing and clarify the details with your volunteer afterwards. 

You can also tune in to animals, places and food! Give it a try.


3) Listen to your gut

It does not lie. 

Have you ever had a bad feeling about something that you went ahead and did anyway, only to make a decision that you wish you could reverse?? I have!

Instead of hating situations like this (or once you're done hating it) use it as an opportunity to decipher how your gut was communicating with you. What did you feel, sense and think? Next time these subtle messages crop up in your life, notice their warning symbols and change trajectory.

Trial and error will strengthen your gut-listening skillz!


4) Get a higher perspective

When you’re stuck in the middle of a problem it can be difficult to see a solution, and even harder to see it from any other perspective. But when you step outside of yourself, you can uncover hidden treasure, life-changing guidance and even gratitude for your current set of challenges.

Use my "make the best decision" meditation to step outside of your situation and find the gift, understand the lesson and gain some insight into the best course of action to take.

Once you have practiced this technique a few times, you will be able to access that higher perspective on demand.


5) Let your heart take the wheel

LET your heart take the wheel

I'm all about being heart-led, a skill which lays the foundations for further psychic development.

I like to think that listening to your gut is about making choices about what NOT to do, and that listening to your heart helps you to make choices about what you NEED to  do in order to be satisfied, full and whole.

Use my quick exercise below to start tapping into your heart's wisdom and guidance.


Which technique is your favourite?

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