7 Ways To Nurture Your Inner Child

7 Ways To Nurture Your Inner Child
Your Inner Child is with you every moment of everyday whether you're aware of their presence or not.
He or she waits patiently for attention and playtime and if avoided too long, may end up acting out in order to get their needs met.
Have you ever tantrum, whinge or cry about something, only to wonder where it all came from? Perhaps your inner child has been feeling neglected.
Here are 7 practical and easy ways to help your 'little self' feel cared for, satisfied and safe.


1. Create

All of us learn through creativity, not just children. Doing something crafty or creative brings us fully into the present moment - where children live! We can forget our worries, regrets or plans for a moment and just experience the joy that is creative expression.
Do whatever feels natural for you especially activities that you enjoyed as a child.


2. Get Colourful

Ask yourself how you can inject some colour into your life and your spirit. If you're anything like me (with a corporate background) then over half of your wardrobe is probably black and grey. In fact, I still really enjoy wearing these colors but they certainly don't feel as spirited as a bright bold colour or a wild pattern.
Bring in more colour in the clothes you wear (including underwear) and the jewellery and accessories you choose to take with you. You can also draw your attention to the colors in your environment and allow them to absorb into your energy.
Remember you favorite colour as a child and use that one the most! Mine was pink!


3. Play

Children are always on the hunt for fun, so it's time for you to get playful. The main objective of play is to incite laughter and joy.
Play a game, play a sport, play with a toy or talk to someone playfully.


4. Move

Children are constantly on the move. Their energy is electric and often they can't sit still, yet as adults we tend not to get moving unless we have to. Not only is moving your body good for your physical body but it is also a fantastic way to keep your younger self feeling happy and fulfilled.
One of the greatest ways that children demonstrate movement is through uninhibited dancing! Don't shy away from a little dancing, do it whenever the mood takes you.
Another shining example is running. Parents are forever asking their children to slow down because children channel their excitement for life through their bodies! If you can't run as a means of exercise then simply run for fun!
Trot around the house and dance in the kitchen.


5. Celebrate

We tend to celebrate the achievements of children rather than those of adults. Children are encouraged to celebrate at every major milestone: when they learn to do something new, when they grow bigger, when they become independent from their parents.
It is important for adults to celebrate their achievements, new skills and personal developments as well.
Celebrate in a way that nurtures your spirit (preferably without alcohol), invite people in to feel the joy with you and enjoy being the centre of attention, just like a child would.


6. Ask For Help

Children have zero problems asking for help when they want it.
If they're unable to complete a task on their own, they have no qualms about asking someone to help them to get it done, from tying their shoelaces to making them a sandwich, they just ask for whatever they need help with, and they often receive it.
As adults, we often believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness when in fact it is a display of courage. Whether it's seeking out someone to share your thoughts with or simply just asking your partner for some help to get the housework done, there is no shame in asking, you might just get a yes!


7. Express Yourself

Children are self expression pros.
They ask want they want to ask. They say what they want to say. They sing their little hearts out. They send their spirit out into the world around them without restriction.
Give it a go. Be yourself, speak your truth, don't hold back.
Sing out loud to your favourite music.
Write in a journal about what's happening for you.
Speak to someone from the depths of your heart.
Ask a question to learn something new.
Post a story on your blog.
Share what your soul has to say.
Which technique is your favourite?
How does you inner child request your attention?

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