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Why is mindfulness important?

It’s easy to fall into the daily blur of life.

We all do it at some point.

I mean, how often have you been talking to a friend only to find yourself unable to recall what you did yesterday or on the weekend? You know you’ve been busy, but doing what?

Or, how often do you flip out over a tiny, inconsequential thing? It happens easily when we supress our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values.

Or, how often do you realise you’re not breathing? We fill our lives with so much haste and stress that we literally do forget to breathe!

Life can get so busy that our focus on doing literally distracts us from being present with who we are, and with each moment in our beautiful lives.

The daily blur is a dangerous trap.

-        It’s a place where we ignore what we really feel.

-        Disregard what we really think.

-        Say no to the things we love.

-        Say yes to the things we’d rather not.

-        It’s the place where we become disconnected from ourselves.

Ultimately, disconnection from ourselves causes disconnection from love and happiness.

So I say mindfulness is not only important, it’s freakin essential!

-        Because you are important.

-        Because every beautiful moment of your life is important.

-        Because it is the fuel for your inner connection to your truest self.

-        And when you’re there, life is full of love and happiness in abundance.

I truly believe mindfulness is a key to happiness. Being present with who you truly are creates the space for pure, unadulterated bliss in your life.


How is mindfulness a part of your life?

Awareness of how I was living my life out of tune with who I am changed my life.

Honestly, I went from feeling anxious, stressed and depressed to feeling happy, light and free.

And if I can do it, anyone can.

Now, mindfulness infuses my life. It just is.

Mindfulness is really about living in truth I think.

When I live in truth I:

  • feel more at one with all of life
  • trust my intuition and my deepest knowing, and act on it without fear or reservation
  • empower myself to detach from drama by seeing that although things may happen around me , they are not necessarily happening to me
  • devote my time, energy and focus to things that matter, while observing but not absorbing the things that don’t
  • feel more aligned to purpose in my life
  • feel authentically me.

I advocate mindfulness as a key to happiness so much that I share everything I’ve learnt about how to be present in every part of your life in my award-winning book, Beyond Happiness: The 12 Principles of Enduring Bliss.


What is your favourite mindfulness technique/exercise? Why?

"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change". Buddha

My favourite mindfulness practice is engaging my senses.

This spontaneously clicked for me when I was attended a wellbeing retreat years ago.

I remember sitting under a tree, mesmerised by the morning song of a solitary bird. When I closed my eyes and really listened, not with my ears but with my heart, I could feel the song, so sweet and clear and the joy behind it.

What was more magical was when I really watched the bird through eyes of love; I could see him being completely in the moment too. I could see him filling his little lungs, moving his little body, and singing from his little heart to get just the right beautiful inflection.

For the rest of that day I consciously engaged in each moment, and I was surprised to discover the details I was missing out on: the beauty of a delicate lone flower and the busy activity of the bee pollinating it, the sublime taste and texture my food revealed when chewed slowly and deliberately, the physical sensation of letting go as tension released in my body during a yoga session. All this and more made me so aware of my own daily blur.

So, engaging my senses is one of my favourite mindfulness practices.

Because when you engage with your senses you do more than just see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

You listen with your heart, you look with love, you touch with care, and you speak with kindness.

That’s what brings you joy and connection in every moment.


What advice would you have for someone who wants to create a regular mindfulness practice?

In my experience, a mindfulness practice can happen anywhere, at any time.

All you need to do is slow down.

Take your time, with anything. Cleaning your teeth. Folding the washing. Eating a meal.

Just notice what is happening and engage all your senses.

If you want to commit to a deeper practice, I have also found it’s useful to know why you want to be mindful.

The more aligned you are to an inner belief or desire to be more connected and present in your life, the more likely it is you’ll get what you need from your practice AND stick to it!

Quite literally the awareness that comes from mindfulness will transform your life.

So, just start somewhere.


MarnieM26_RGB copyMarnie McDermott is an award-winning author, heart-fuelled lifestyle coach and host of MarnieTV. Think of her as your crystal-toting, fashion-loving, spiritually-savvy soul sister, giving you the tools, tips and know-how to live your happiest life. As the founder of www.marniemcdermott.com, Marnie has worked with women from all corners of the globe to create their own version of wholehearted bliss. Her work incorporates powerful tools and programs focused on spirit-centred living, happiness, life purpose, soul, meditation, abundance, order and harmony, home, relationships, health and wellbeing, and more. Marnie’s books are hailed as the perfect blend of modern wisdom and practical know-how. After the runaway success of the triple award-winning Beyond Happiness: The 12 Principles of Enduring Bliss, Marnie has released the hotly anticipated follow-up, Soul Happiness: The 11 Secrets of Living with Purpose.  With its emphasis on actionable steps and guided self-discovery – all infused with her signature love-laden advice – Soul Happiness packs a powerful punch.

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