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Why is mindfulness important?

It brings your attention to the present moment and opens up to new experiences, perceptions, awareness and connections.

When you make it a priority in your life, you develop a stronger alignment with your own passions and purpose, and begin to trust your intuition to guide you in the right direction. If you often find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, creating or participating in drama, being judgemental, playing the victim, or generally unhappy, practicing mindfulness can be a path to finding more joy, peace and happiness.


How is mindfulness a part of your life?

For me, it comes from a combination of things including making art, writing, meditating, reading, yoga, listening to music and simply giving my attention to the present moment and finding the joy in it. I try to infuse these practices each day. Creating art intuitively and find signs and connections to things that light me up. Spending time in meditation to move into a new level of awareness. Instilling a routine that frees up space and time for creative work. Allowing room for mistakes and imperfections. Unlocking the doors to truly being myself, opening up and honouring the process.


What is your favourite mindfulness technique/exercise?  Why?

I love to use art as a meditative practice by drawing or painting mandalas. Mandalas are known to be used as aids to meditation in various spiritual traditions and a creative activity that definitely brings me clarity and focus. Try drawing a few circles inside each other as a guide, and start filling around each one with various different marks and patterns. The repetitive aspect to creating each row of pattern within your circle allows your mind to be still, and by the time it’s finished your totally relaxed as well as a great piece of art.


What advice would you have for someone who wants to create a regular mindfulness practice?

Begin with meditation.

It’s the simplest exercise that can quickly have a positive effect on your life. The two resources that helped me when I began, the first of which is the Headspace app, which guides you through developing your daily practice and keeping track of your progress. The other resource I recommend if you are interested in developing a spiritual practice is the book Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein. It’s a great book to learn more about setting intentions and becoming more in touch with your intuition. Her other books are also great if you enjoy these topics.


Profile copy 3Jo Klima is a soul-centred designer and artist with a curiosity to explore creative and spiritual practices which deepen and support our desire of living a beautiful and authentic life. She loves creating beautiful branding, blogs and websites for amazing women and businesses – bringing their ideas, energy and spirit to life. See her work at The Darling Tree or follow her creative adventure at Maps To Herself.

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