7 Day Mindfulness Challenge **Day 1** Claire Baker



Interview with Claire Baker

Why is mindfulness important?

Mindfulness anchors us in LIFE. It pulls us into the here and now; the present moment. Being mindful of our thoughts, words and actions gives us the power to align with our values, our purpose, what is important to us, in every single moment.

Mindfulness gives us the freedom to be ourselves and to consciously choose to reflect that to the world. We don’t react with old beliefs or emotions, we don’t unconsciously consume and forget who we are. We ooze that quiet, confident clarity and presence that makes living life truly wonderful.

We’re present in our relationships, our decisions, the way we move and nourish our body. We are THERE when the big stuff and the little stuff happens. We don’t look back and wonder where it all went, because mindfulness ensured we didn’t miss a thing.


How is mindfulness a part of your life?

I find that meditation, movement and nourishment are my best tools when it comes to embodying mindfulness in my life. Every morning, I exercise and sweat (usually yoga, running or walking) and bring my attention to my breath and how my body is responding, which lights me up in mindful movement. Once I’ve shaken that energy from my body, a nice mediation session grounds me in my body. Then, I eat! I love to take my time making breakfast, incorporating various foods and textures and flavours, enjoying it slowly, away from the computer and distractions, often outside in the sunshine!

As well as that though, before coaching with clients, I always take a few moments to be fully present with them in our sessions. While writing, I take deep breaths, light a candle, turn on some calming music…Anything that swings me back into the now, where I am able to instil my actions with my intention, passion and purpose.

I’ve watched as mindfulness has slowly trickled into all areas of my life; my relationships, my self care practice, the way I speak and hold myself, my decisions (big or small) and how free-ing, open and expansive it makes me feel in every area.


What is your favourite mindfulness technique/exercise? Why?

I love the way Eckhart Tolle describes dropping into the present moment; as soon as you realise you’re NOT present, you ARE. This is awesome. It means that we are already there, we just need to realise it. I do this so many times a day! I realise I’m caught up in the past or the future, worrying, planning or stressing…And then remind myself, hey. Be here now. Be mindful. I take a few deep breaths, ask my body how it’s feeling, wiggle my toes, smile. Then, I’m back!


What advice would you have for someone who wants to create a regular mindfulness practice?

Be gentle and take it slowly…Find a few areas of your life that you can begin practicing mindfulness; maybe like me, it’s meditation, movement and nourishment. Maybe it’s something else. Just start where you are, begin to pay attention to your thoughts and actions and let curiosity lead the way.


Claire Baker is a certified coach and mentor, passionate writer and speaker and author of 'She Is Radiant: Your 6-Week Wellness Adventure To Get Glowy & Feel Rad'. Claire guides vibrant young women as they get from where they are, to where they want to be - in their health and life, blog and business.With a background in visual arts and business management, her gorgeous clients (from all over the world), experience greater confidence, improved relationships, more joy and clear complexions. They throw out the scales, book the flight, launch the blog – and fall back in love with their life.Through her honest and empowering blog and unique coaching packages, you can consider Claire your personal advocate for living an energised, playful and heart-centred life.Come say hi at This is Lifeblood, her online space to share her passion for all things nourishing, soulful and creative.

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