5 Things I Will NEVER Do

No apologies, let's go!

Naomi Goodlet

1) Crochet, knit or felt anything.

Never, I promise.

Yes, I know, I'm a terrible mother, a doomed etsy-er and a failed instagramer. As if I don't already have enough to do without the added pressure of making cute, hand-made things that have little to no purpose. I'm even one of those freaks that doesn't even have a pinterest board dedicated to craft projects that I'll probably never get around to.
This is not a "vegan, anti-wool" thing either (although a few years ago it might have been) but more of a "I don't have to be good at everything" thing. I've got nothing against hand-made, crafty things (although I'm not really into "stuff" that just sits around) but I know what I'm good at, and it's not creating things with my hands.
I will happily pay money to someone that is nurturing their natural-born talents. I get clothes altered all the time. I would never attempt to do that shit on my own. I'm ok with the fact that I suck at sewing.
          I don't care how many knitting revivals happen in my lifetime...
I've  got other things I'd rather be doing.


2) Drink out of a jar.

Again, my wholefoods blog & instagram feed just failed to progress to the next level of coolness.
Jar drinking used to be reserved for wild share-house parties where someone brings a case of wine that they stole from work. It's totally legit if there are no other receptacles to be found, fine.
But what's with drinking out of a jar, on purpose?
Ok don't answer that, I know the answer.
          I'm in the raw food, hipster world more than I'd like to admit.
I get it. And now it's about more than going anti plastic and repurposing jars that were lying around, it's turned into such a popular craze that you can buy NEW jars for drinking out of. Jars with built in straws, jars with handles, jars that are made to look like old jars.
A glass will do fine for me.


3) Wear a maxidress.

I know, what's wrong with me?! They're flowy, cool on hot days and cover up pretty much anything you might want to hide. Great.
So why aren't I sold? Well apart from the fact that the maxidress has got to be the number 1 clothing item guilty of confusing someone to be pregnant when they're not, put simply, I'm a short-ass and rarely get hot enough to think that wearing an oversized sarong is a good idea.
People as short as me struggle to rock a long dress in a good way.
I live on a mountain where (even though I'm in Qld, Australia) I'll be lucky to have 3 days a year that might be maxidress worthy... and I'd rather just wear a bikini, I got nothing to hide :)


4) Pretend that I've got it all figured out.

I see a lot of coaches, writers, teachers, foodies and therapists working hard to keep up their living-the-dream-life photo & blog feed.
I struggle with things in life all the time.
          I have freak-outs, melt-downs and dummy-spits.
I forget to do yoga and go for weeks without reading a book. Yep. I'm not perfect and I'm ok telling you that.
In fact, that's why I created this... to collectively say "Fuck Perfect".
So how can I be a therapist myself when I've got my own shit going on? Well for starters, I'm not faking anything, I'm open about my struggles AND I believe that there will always be struggles.
Sorry to be the one to break it to you.
          Challenges and set-backs are what help us to strengthen our spirit and expand our soul.
I enjoy using my story to inspire and help others and am therefore grateful for every life situation that enables me to learn and then share what I've learnt.
THE TRUTH - for real.


5) Censor myself

Obvious right. I write (and talk) to express what's inside of me in a way that makes me feel comfortable and happy. I didn't used to.
Sometimes that will involve swearing and sometimes that will involve takings risks. And other times it will involve sharing my very strong opinion about things that I'm not really into. It's cool if you don't like it but please please don't take it personally, coz it's totally not personal.
          It's about me, sharing myself with you without restriction.
It's not about you being attacked.
Trust me, I'm no more attacking you than pretty much every single episode on Portlandia is attacking both of us. I love that show BTW.
Just breathe. Feel what you feel. It's ok to struggle with stuff, I do to.
And hey, if you're feeling fired up, perhaps you should write a blog about it without holding back. I would love to read it.